Different body, same mind

My name is Tina I am 19 and I woke up today as someone else. In their house with all their stuff and I don't know we're I am!


1. chapter 1 waking up


last night I went to bed in my house, as me but this morning I am someone else in their house with all their stuff. I keep getting calls and texts from louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall. They are say stuff like were r u? We are waiting!!! Get your ass over here! I don't know what to do it what to say to them or exactly who I am. I just hope this is a dream.


All of the boys except Harry are sitting in management. We all try calling him and texting him but he won't answer so we are going to go over there and see what is up with him. Also management are not very happy about this because this is (I quote) 'not the kind of behaviour they expect from him'.


"Tina wake up' someone shouted, I was not in my bed or in my house or me. I was really confused, I don't know where I am or who I am. I was supposed to be with management half and hour ago. I try using the mobile by me to call louis but it is locked so I can't. I put a night gown on and go downstairs to find a phone but when I get down there this woman has cooked pancakes and says I have to eat them before I go to collage! What I have a singing career not collage but I find a phone and call louis.

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