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1. ch.1

Ch.1 Graduation Day

At last, graduation day. The day that all Constance bollard and St. Cameron students have all been waiting for. It's was the most important day to us because for one thing Constance bollard and St. Cameron are NY biggest and most riches school in the whole state of New York.

The graduation ceremony was in 2 hours and I still haven't got dressed in my gown yet or did my hair and makeup. Why am I always doing things last minute?...Mhm, I better start getting ready. Since today is my big day, I think I'll curl my hair and do my makeup like Kylie Jenner. It took about an hour doing my hair and makeup and I'm glad to say I did a good job.

"Honey! Let's go" I heard my mom yelling. "I'm coming mom!" I ran downstairs to see my parents, brother and sister all together, smiling. What's the big deal? I thought to myself.

"Wow, my daughter is so beautiful." I had a feeling my dad was going to cry when he said that. Indeed, he started tearing up a little and so did my mom. "Okay okay, let's go people! I want to graduate."

When everyone settled down in the car, I did some deep thinking. Wow, I'm finally graduating, am I still going to keep in touch with my best friends and most importantly, the love of my life, Nash Grier.

Nash and I met when we were 11 and when we were about 14, started going out. Yes, we've been together for a long time. And now since we're graduating, everything is going to change. He's going to UCLA while I'm going to attend NYU. I hate thinking about it because it made me want to tear up but I tried my best not to.

We finally arrived at Constance and rushed in.The auditorium was beautifully, decorated in gold and white. Everything was perfect. "Ashley, ashley!" I turned around to see my friends. They were all bundled up together. Wow, I've spent 4 years with these people and now some of us are parting ways. "Hi amber, chase, Shelby, Bryan, Brody..." My throat started to hurt because of greeting every single one of my Friends. But what the heck it's our last day together as seniors.

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