Jesy's Brother

In the years that i lived in america with a family that raised me as their own son i never realized that i was related to Jesy Nelson until my sister Sandra pointed out that i look almost like Jesy but in a guy version though.


1. Chapter 1: My real family

In the years that i lived with the Vasquez's at their manor as their adopted son i never knew my true family because i thought that the Vasquez's were my real family but they told me when i turned 17 that i was adopted and that when i turn 17 i would go live with my real family that i never met in 17 years of my entire life yet my real sister is in Little Mix and i can not believe that i get to go on the road with her and see Jade my true love. Once i was flown to Essex, England were my real family is from and they were so happy to see me except for Jesy who had no clue who i was until she started to remember that she would always sneak into the nursery where i was at and she made me a bracelet just in case if i was taken from them also she would be the only one to that would know that it is her little brother James who has come back to be with his true family. Then Jesy checked my right hand and then she found the bracelet that she made when i was a couple of months old this is when she knew that i was her brother James hence my name: "DavidJames Nelson De Barahona", then all our family stood looking at us because Jesy was crying and so full of happiness that they actually thought that jesy actually had a crush on me because she has never shown that much affection towards her family members. Once i got to hang out with Jesy and her bandmates because she felt sad that i never got to have a life with our family so she decided that i should met her bandmates/sisters because i am after all her little brother and i must admit it was an awesome experience to be amongst Little Mix.

 Meeting Little Mix for the first time!!!!!!!!!!

As my sister was so happy to see me because i finally get to met Little Mix including Perrie Edwards, Jade Thrilwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and they were so happy to see that jesy was happy because now they know that she now knows that i am her real brother and she is excited that i am here and to support her in her career decisions also has a bodyguard.

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