Best 1D Fanfics of 2014

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4. Best Liam Love story

byLiams turtle


Blurb -Lexi Stephans- Was that girl no one knows, sees, hears or cares about. There were five main boys who made her life hell ever since she moved to their school 2 years ago; Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam. She thought everyone of them hated her...well that's what it seemed. But every story has a twist...


Stranded (Liam Payne Love Story)

Blurb “I’m going to miss you baby girl!” My mom wept while she clung on to me like her life depended on it. Hugging her back, I forced the tears away from my eyes; no I’m not going to show my weakness. “It’s ok mom! I’m just getting on a plane to go over to London to study, don’t worry. Please, for your babygirl?” I asked her while releasing her quickly. She gave me a sad small smile. Her usual bright blue eyes where bloodshot and red from the tears rushing out of her eyes. “Ok darling. For you, but nobody else!” With that she gripped me into another death hug. Laughing lightly I poked her head. “Mom, I have to go now, the plane is going to leave without me...” I told her slowly. She let out another sob and let go of me. “Ok dear, I’m going to miss you I mean a whole 2 months?” I laughed at how scared she sounded. “Don’t worry; I’ll be with my friends always with them, no matter what!” She laughed and lightly punched my shoulder. “Go on now; don’t want to miss your plane.”


Pay For Loving Him -Liam Payne Love Story-

Blurb ''Live your dream and never wake up'' that's what he said "I paint my dreams as simple as that knowing one day i will be in the painting" that's what she said “I said, "Leave," but all I really want is you To stand outside my window, throwing pebbles screaming, "I'm in love with you." Wait there in the pouring' rain, Come back for more. And don't you leave, 'cause I know all I need is on the other side of the door.” “Words can break someone into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together. I hope you use yours for good, because the only words you'll regret more than the ones left unsaid are the ones you use to intentionally hurt someone.” Just promise you wont brake me -Alli Black i wont -Liam payne

byZeeA & Nialls_Browni3

One Thing (A Liam Payne love story)

Blurb Taylor Rosie Watson is major geek. Gamer, nerd, you name it. Yes, she's smart and she's never actually thought that shed fall in love. Much less a guy fall in love with her. And just like millions of other girls out there, she's a HUGE One Direction fan - or Directioner, as they're commonly known. When she wins a chance to meet One Direction, she's over the moon. And when she meets Liam Payne, she's starstruck. Liam senses there's more than meets the eye with Taylor and this fascinates him, forcing him to spend more time with her and their friendship inevitably blossoms into something more. Will their relationship stand the test of time? Or will it be a fairytale gone wrong?


Promise Me (A Liam Payne Love Story)

Blurb 17 year old Katie Kinsley gets abused at home and bullied at school. One day she bumps into the Liam Payne. He may have fallen in love with a stranger. Will he be able to steal her broken heart? Will Danielle Peazer get in the way? Will Katie be able to deal with all the hate?? Read it all here in ''Promise Me.''


I Need You [Liam Payne Fan fiction]

Blurb "I uh have to go home." I speed walked to my car. I started my car and put my car on revers. I looked at my car back window ready to revers when Niall got in my car. He moved it to park and took out my keys. "What now?" I said getting back my keys "Please," He began "Please tell me you don't have feeling for Liam. I know the way you blank out and more your eyes lashes." He begged "I-I don't know if I do.." I put my head down "Hope you don't," He stared at me "If you do, me and the lads will drive away far away from here," He confessed "I came here to see you and so did the lads. There not here so you can fall in love with them!" He yelled. I was scared. Not from falling in love with one of them, but scared of Niall.

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