Robotic (16+)



3. Kiss of the Robot

It was like fire set off in me. The minutes his kiss touched my lips, the fire ignited.

I breathlessly pulled away for air, and since he didn't need any, he started kissing down my neck. I never thought kissing him would feel this good. . . I never even imagined that I would even think about kissing him.

Too soon he pulled away and looked at me in the eyes.

"When is at I love you... I don't necessarily mean in the friendly way." He told me, never breaking eye contact.

I averted my eyes to the ground. "We can't do this... You and me both know that it can't work out."

His metal hand reached out and gently lifted my chin up so that I was staring into his eyes again. His grey, beautiful metal eyes. "Why though? Why cant it work?"

I took a shaky breath. I really did know the answer to that, but I didn't want to admit it to him.

"You could with another man. Even though I would absolutely hate it, whatever makes you happy I will do, even let you conceive a child with another man." I knew he was reading my thoughts. Non-perks about him being able to read minds.

I'd wanted children since I was a child. I couldn't possibly have kids with Kyle, since he's not human.

"You would let me... Have like a one night stand with a guy just to get me pregnant and so we could have a child?" I asked, disbelieving. He truly does love me, doesn't he?

"Yes, I do truly love you. More than any other human could. You have been the light to my path ever since I was formed, and I have loved you since. But my love for you has grown since then into something unexplainable." My heart swelled with joy at his words.

Nothing could stop me from loving him now.

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