Drawn to you (A Harry and Niall fanfiction)

A nightmare is waiting for the best friends Scarlet and Sameerah when they decide to go on a vacation to California with their boyfriends Harry Styles and Niall Horan, along with the other boys from the famous boyband and their girlfriends Sophia, Perrie and Eleanor. Good memories will be made, but also scars that they will never forget. And it all started with that one night...


6. Ready to get drunk

Sameerah's POV


''What?'' He whispered, immediately looking for Eleanor like she had to proof it was true. He turned around to face me again. He seemed to be hurted, angry in a way too. I didn't know why actually.

''Why didn't you tell me this?''

''Harry I ju-'' I started off, but I got interrupted by Harry.

''Why did I have to ask you first to tell me?''

I couldn't look at him because I was so ashamed of myself. He was right. I was supposed to tell him everything, was it wrong that I didn't told him one of his best friends was pregnant and one of his others was going be the father? I think it wasn't up to me to tell him that, yet I felt ashamed of the fact that Harry thought I didn't trust him.

''I think it wasn't up to me who should tell you this...''

His eyes went around the room, which was still filled with loads of our friends. He seemed to be searching for someone. His stopped searching when his eyes landed on Louis, who was pouting because we still didn't want to go to a club now. He was a little bit impatient, to say at less.

''Does Louis knows?'' Harry turned around again and stared me deep in my eyes. Normally I would have loved that, but now it just made me feel uncomfortable. I looked away from him.

I shook my head, I didn't know what to say.

''Are you angry at me?'' I whispered quietly, locking my eyes with his.

He touched my chin with his right index finger, and lifted up my face. ''I could never be angry on you, I'm only dissapointed you didn't tell me before I asked you'' He quickly kissed my lips.

''I'm sorry'' I whispered. ''I love you''

''I love you more babe''


Scarlet's POV


''So shall we go to a club now?'' Louis asked for what felt the hundred time.

''Well I feel like getting drunk tonight, how about everyone else?'' I grinned.

Niall sighed ''Why not?''

A smile appeared on Louis' face as he immediately jumped up, pulling El with him. She grinned at him, but I could see the worry on her face. She was so stressed out about this pregnancy thing, you could see the tiredness in her eyes. Louis was right when he saw something was wrong with her, he just knew her too well.

''Well let me make myself ready then'' Sameerah sighed as she jumped up from the couch. I stood up too. I saw Niall pouting when I let go off his face. ''Don't worry, I won't be gone too long'' I grinned as I followed Sameerah to her room.

Sameerah went to the bathroom to take her glasses of and put her contacts in, while I changed into a black dress. When Sameerah came out of the bathroom, she changed into a red dress which came till her thights and quickly did her make-up. I quickly fixed my hair and make-up too and then we went down stairs, ready for a night filled with fun. Atleast that's what we thought it would be...


Niall's POV


When we arrived at the club, it didn't seemed too busy. Better for us though, we wouldn't have such a big chance to run into fans then. Don't get me wrong, I loved our fans so much, but it's nice to get some privacy sometimes too. I intertwined my fingers with Scarlet's as we walked inside. She smiled at me. I loved to see her happy, she had this power over to me to make me smile immediately whenever she smiled. It all felt right when I was with her.


Scarlet's POV


''Shall we get you some drinks?'' Harry yelled over the music towards us. I nodded at him and Niall as they went over to the bar to order us some drinks. ''This is fun isn't it?'' I yelled over the music towards Sameerah. ''Haha I know right? Makes me remember that time with Danny'' We started laughing about the fact that we once found the biggest nerd of our old high school dancing in a club, he was so drunk he could barely stand on his feet. ''It's a miracle he didn't walk into a wall or something'' I giggled.

Harry and Niall came back with some drinks. ''Thank god, I really need some of this'' I said as I quickly threw a cup of alcohol into my mounth. ''Slow down there'' Niall grinned as he grabbed a drink too.

I turned around too see Louis and Eleanor talking, atleast that's what it looked liked. ''Don't you want some babe?'' Louis asked El as he drank his drink Niall got him. ''No thanks babe'' She said back. I could see Louis stared to wonder why she was acting so weird, so I decided that it was time to help Eleanor a bit. ''Uhm wait here'' I screamed over the music as I made my way towards Eleanor and Louis. ''Oh thanks for this!" I said as I quickly grabbed the drink out of Louis' hands, which was meant for Eleanor. I let the alcohol slide down my throat. Louis looked a bit shocked at first, but recovered hisself after a few seconds. ''You're such a party girl'' He grinned. I winked at him as I made my way back to Niall, pulling Sameerah with me, who just started a conversation with Liam. ''Shall we dance?'' I asked. She looked at me ''You're sure you'll be able to stand on your feet? I don't want you to end up like Danny'' I just laughed at her comment and pulled her with me towards Niall ''Babe can you get us some more drinks while we're gonna dance?'' Niall nodded at me ''Sure babe, go have fun''

As me and Sameerah were having fun, we saw Niall standing at the bar to get us some drinks. He was the best boyfriend I could ever ask for, I sometimes felt like I didn't deserve him, but he told me I was perfect for him. I laughed when Sameerah started dancing like an idiot. I wouldn't deny we were both drunk, because you could clearly notice that. Just then we saw a group of 3 boys making their way towards us. They were all tall, and 2 out of the 3 boys had big tattoos on their arms. The other one only had some piercings stuck on every place on his face you could possibly imagine piercings at. Well this was going to be interesting...










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