Drawn to you (A Harry and Niall fanfiction)

A nightmare is waiting for the best friends Scarlet and Sameerah when they decide to go on a vacation to California with their boyfriends Harry Styles and Niall Horan, along with the other boys from the famous boyband and their girlfriends Sophia, Perrie and Eleanor. Good memories will be made, but also scars that they will never forget. And it all started with that one night...


1. Stressed

Sameerah's POV


''No Scarlet, we're still at Harry's place'' I said as I ran around stressed to look for my favourite summer dress. I almost dropped my phone out of my hands as I threw different kinds of stuff around.

I heard my best friend sigh ''If we miss the plane, I'm gonna blame you two love birds''

''Sorry, it got quite late yesterday'' I chuckled

I knew she was grinning ''Seriously Sammy?''

I still hadn't find my favorite summer dress yet and I was getting really frustrated now ''Yeh, but I still have to do a lot of things so I'll call you when we're ready okay?''

I finally found my dress in the corner of the bathroom. I picked it up and ran towards my suit case, throwing the dress in it.

''Okay but hurry up'' She sighed. She knew I was always late, but after all those years she learnt how to deal with it. Well that's what I thought.

I hung up the phone, trying to find Harry somewhere. I found him eating cornflakes in the kitchen. ''Babe! no time to eat!'' I grinned as he stuffed another spoon full of cornflakes in his mounth. He stared at me and grinned. ''Someone's a bit stressed?'' He asked as he stood up to give me a quick kiss. ''Shut up'' I laughed. I ran back into our bedroom to zip my suitcase close but Harry stopped me by putting his hands around my waist. ''You're so cute when you're stressed'' ''Well I must be adorable then now'' I got out of his tight grip and sat on my suitcase because it didn't want to close.

I could feel Harry laughing at me.

''Are you laughing at me Styles?'' I grinned, still trying to get my suitcase close.


He took me by my arm and pulled me towards him ''Let me try babe'' He whispered as he kissed my forehead. He walked towards my suitcase and zipped it close in 2 seconds. He turned around with a grin. ''Oh shut up you'' I laughed as I pushed him on the bed. He pulled me with him so I fell on top of him. I stared into his beautiful green eyes as he put a stroke of hair behind my ear. ''I love you'' He whispered.

''I love you too, now c'mon babe.'' I stood up from the bed and walked towards the door ''We have to hurry up before Louis starts to complain about us being late'' And with that I walked out of the door, knowing that he was grinning at me.

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