Doctor Who: The Cult of Vartax

The Fourth Doctor and K-9 embark battle the deadly Cult of Vartax lead by the mysterious Tobias Takmore. Can the Timelord stop them before they end the world as we know it?


1. Part One

Part One



Tobias Takmore, leader of The Cult of Vartax, swept into the room. He turned towards the cameras and grinned.


“Citizens of Great Germany, New Brazil and the United Kingdom, I am Tobias Takmore of The Cult of Vartax. We are here to make an announcement. In recent years we have not been in favour with the UN or the holy USA Empire of late. We have reformed though! Under our late leader Saxmore, “Scary” Davison, over the last two years we have been involved with the UN and The Torchwood Archive. Now I have to announce that I and many member of the party have decided to freeze ourselves for 200 years in order to repair our reputations.” Takmore bowed and left the world’s TV cameras to face the shock that a whole political party had decided not be seen for 200 years.


Takmore smiled at his secretary.


“Do you think they bought it?” He grinned, straightening his tie and walking down the corridor to his personal space ship.


“Oh yes sir. I think they bought it very much.”


“Is there any news on the Torchwood situation?” Takmore flashed his security card. The door to his ship slid elegantly open.


“Nothing on Torchwood sir, they seem to have forgotten about us.” Takmore laughed.


“Oh they won’t soon… Oh they will not forget us. Soon The Cult of Vartax shall rule the world!”


“You know what your problem is K9?” The Doctor stood at the central console of the TARDIS.


“Master?” K9 slowly lifted his head.


“You have no sense of humour. None at all! All you do is sit around and zap things. What’s the excitement or humour in that?” The TARDIS column stuttered slightly. The Doctor hit the console. The column began to move again.


“Humour- An organic sensation-“   K9 began but was stopped by The Doctor.


“K9, shut up! I do not need to know what humour is.” The Doctor flicked a switch on the console. The console room, for a moment, looked more organic, coral even.


“Oh no this won’t do.” The Doctor flicked another switch and the console room returned to normal. At that moment the TARDIS landed.


“Ahh! We have landed! Excellent! Coming K9?” The Doctor turned to K9 who was sitting with his head bowed in a corner.


“Oh, K9, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude.” The Doctor gently patted K9’s head. K9’s head lifted slightly.


“Master? What planet have we landed on?”


“I don’t know, I’ll have a look.” The Doctor got up from the floor and went over to the console. He pulled a lever and the scanner opened to reveal a rather bleak corridor.


“Oh dear me. This looks rather boring doesn’t it K9?” The Doctor closed the scanner. “Well I guess beggars can’t be choosers.” The Doctor walked to the hat stand and put his long scarf around his neck. “Coming K9?” K9 had moved to the console.


“Master, there is something wrong with the console. It seems that someone has being trying to pull the TARDIS out of time.”


“Ahh. It’s probably just tax collectors. You have a look and see if I’m right while I go and have a look around this place. See you in a bit!” The Doctor pulled the TARDIS console lever and walked off into a rather dull corridor. The Doctor sighed and walked on down the corridor. He turned round several bends before finally finding himself in a dusty room. The floor was covered in cobwebs, small insects scuttled around on it.


“Oh dear, this place is rather dirty.” The Doctor rubbed his nose and walked over to a dusty console.


“Let’s see what happens when I do this…” The Doctor flicked a red switch on the console. He twisted a dial and pulled a rusting lever. A humming came from behind him.


“Ahh! Hello, what have we here?” The Doctor turned around. The humming sound appeared to come from a door way that stood next to another console. The Doctor moved to the door. He knocked on the door. There was no response from the other side of the door. The Doctor pulled the sonic screwdriver out of his coat. He pressed it against the door. A strange almost mechanical sound came from the door. The Doctor stepped back and the door slowly opened. The Doctor walked through the door and found himself in a massive room. The top of the room was like a doom, almost like a Catholic church.


“Magnificent!” The Doctor stared at the ceiling. It was painted and seemed to depict a scene of a Victorian battle. This room unlike the previous was spotless. Several feet in front of The Doctor, there was a massive tomb like structure. The humming sound had grown much more in volume. It was beginning to become more intense. The Doctor slowly walked towards the tomb like structure. Suddenly, a door opened. Inside looked like a comfortable 20th century living room. The Doctor slowly and warily moved towards the door. He walked inside the room. Sitting in several old fashioned seats were a group of men and women. They were frozen in  an animated conversation. The Doctor bent down to examine one man. He was tall and bearded. He wore a black suit which in style was 1930s.


“Hello? Anyone there?” The Doctor waved his hand in front of the man. He jerked upwards.


“Ah. Doctor. We have been expecting you for some time.” He rose from his seat. The Doctor backed away.


“Oh you know me? Do I know you? I’m terrible with faces, mainly my own but a lot of other people as well.” The Doctor looked around him. Several of the men and women were beginning to get up from their seats.


“You do not know us? We are The Cult of Vartax!”


“Ahhh. Very good. I don’t mean to be rude but who are The Cult of Vartax if you don’t mind me asking?” inquired The Doctor.  The tall man blinked slightly.


“You do not remember us?”


“Well like I said I get about a lot. What are you doing here anyway? I mean you’ve frozen yourselves in time and don’t seem too peeved I have woken you up!” The Doctor grinned. Nobody else grinned. They were now all outside. The tall man, who seemed to be their leader, was fiddling around with the control system.


“That is because we knew you would come Doctor. It was written.” He turned around to face The Doctor.


“I am Tobias Takmore, leader of The Cult of Vartax.”


“Written? Ah. You’re that sort of Cult hey? I’m amazed you survived past the 20th century the way you are talking.” The Doctor marched over to the controls.


“This is an air pressure machine is it not?”


“Indeed. We have forty two satellites in place around the planet Earth. I only need to send in a simple command to them and they shall send pressure waves onto the surface of the planet. They will keep pushing down till all life is destroyed. “ Takmore smiled slightly. “You cannot stop us this time Doctor.”


“Why do you want to do this? You will kill millions, no billions of people!” The Doctor’s face was blood red. He felt the urge to punch Takmore. He showed such carelessness to life, it was disgusting.


“Once the no believers have been cleared from the planet then The Cult shall use the great human empire and convert the universe!” The Doctor knew the man was mad.


“How long have you been asleep then? Two hundred years? A thousand years?”


Takmore seemed briefly worried. Sweat appeared around his neck.


“What do you mean Doctor?” He was looking behind him. Some of his members seemed to be yawning. Other seemed to be in pain.


“You’ve been asleep 230 years Tobias. Even at this advanced stage of technology most human bodies cannot take 230 years being frozen. Do you really think that you can repopulate the Earth with this bunch? They won’t see next Thursday never mind the months it is going to take you to destroy the human race!” The Doctor had begun to fiddle with the console. He knew that if he directed the beam back on itself then he may have a chance.


“Doctor, step away from the console or I will shoot you.” Takmore could feel his body dying beneath him. His hand gripped onto the side of the console.


“Takmore, I can give you one chance. Tell your people that you were wrong. The Cult is wrong. Do that and I will take you away from here and find you a new planet.” Takmore looked at everyone.


“I w-will do it. B-but first you n-need to take me to your TARDIS. I c-can’t t-tell them if I am d-dying.” The Doctor frowned for a moment.


“All right. C’mon.” The Doctor helped Takmore limp back to the TARDIS. As he opened the door, K9 looked up.


“Master, I detective chameleon-“


“K9, can you tell me if this man is dying or not?” The Doctor gently placed Takmore on the ground and went to the console.


“No, Master he is not. Nothing is wrong with him.”


“I thought so.” The Doctor turned around. Takmore lunged towards him but The Doctor grabbed his arm and threw him over his shoulder.


Takmore groaned. He felt inside his pocket. His pocket watch was shouting at him.


“Open it? Yes. I’ll open you.” Takmore hummed to himself. He pressed down on the catch. Several rays of golden light escaped from the watch and went into Takmore. The Doctor stood back horrified.


“Danger Master, chameleon energy present.” K9 backed away. Soon all the energy had gone into Takmore. His eyes changed colour. Takmore pushed himself from the ground.


“Oh my dear Doctor, you have been naïve.” Takmore began to laugh.

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