The angel

Keyla don't like the idea of ​​Ryens gaze. The dark green eyes, identical to their own, which can so easily drown in, lose themselves completely forgetting who you are. But it seems that not Ryen can let her out of sight. Yet, he talks to her as if she were the plague itself. Keyla do not like to be alone with him. But she hates it when he is not there.
   In the beginning it's a fun game, it feels like living in a movie. But the fun disappears when one remembers that the film ends with you dies
   Then it will be scary with the idea that someone you do not know tries to kill you.
   But it is in the end it gets worst. That's when you make sure you have fallen in love with your own killer, and then it's already too late to escape.
    Keyla forced to choose to turn your back to its natural scenic or to start a new life but new routines, hidden so as not to be murdered by the bond between her and Ryen

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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