My Kidrauhl & Justin


1. My beloved boys.



Kidrauhl.. You faded away 3 years ago. I remember the clip of where you cut your hair. Monday the 21 of February, 2011 12:28 PM.. (R.I.P).... I love you of my whole heart! I don't understand that I can't get any chance to meet you. You was the boy i felt in love with for 4 years ago, I won't let you go. 
I keep you in my mind and memory forever.
I'll always miss you Kidrauhl & I'll always love you.

Justin, I want you to smile more often. Because I haven't ever seen a smile like yours... I want to see it more often on your lips.
I don't like to see you sad, because I love you. Because you're the happiness in my life. Because you're the only one for me. You're my life. And I won't let you go. 
''Thank you Justin. Thank you for saving me into a better place in life. I love you.'' - The phrase I will say to you. If I ever meet you. (I believe I'll meet you someday ♥)
You keep me strong in my worst situations. You're the smile on my face, everyday. 
Justin, I'm very dedicated to you. 
I love you. 


Your Amalie, forever 

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