Two Worlds Divide

Valerie was spending the month at her grandma's house. Little did she know that her grandma had a magical painting. Five teenage boys lived in the painting as Gods. Valerie gets stuck in the painting... Will she ever get out?


1. Chapter One

Chapter One

"Grandmama! I'm going to my room!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. "Okay dear!" She leaned on the stairs. I smiled down at her. She's quite beautiful for an old lady. Today she wore a sea blue loose shirt and light gray slacks. Her hair was in it's usual waves. "Goodnight." I blew her kiss and ran up to my room which was in the attic. My room was the biggest in the house since it ran over the whole house. I quickly threw on some sweats and a belly tank top. It was pretty tight so it showed off my figure. I stood in front of my body mirror and fixed my hair. "Lady's and Gentlemen tonight we have Miss Valerie Humble singing Love Me For Me by Cher Llyod." I echoed what the announcer would say. I took a deep breath; "Phone rings don't wanna pick it up. I'm so scared I'm going to say too much I tiptoe around your questions. Why you gotta dig so deep? Tears fall and the glasses break inside these walls the floor boards break. But it's alright if you're looking from fifty feet." I sighed and looked at the floor. Making the scene emotional. I took an exaggerating pause. "I've been trying and trying to hold my head up high. I've been Lying and lying keeping it all inside trying to trust you yeah. Taking on a leave I'm a broke yeah yeah. I'm done I give up. I don't wanna do this anymore." My voice rose high as I got to the chorus. I looked in the mirror at the wall behind me. The painting seemed to move. I stood there for a few minutes trying to talk myself into believing it's just my eyes. The trees blew in the wind. The lights suddenly flickered off. Holy crap. I began to shake in fear. A few voices came from the painting. I stepped closer trying to see who or what was in the painting. The ducks quacked in the pond. It was beautiful. "Hello?" I asked as I leaned forward trying to see more. A boy laid on a branch of a tree singing the same song I was singing. I felt a warm liquid sweep across my face. In shock I jumped back. Did.... Did I just go into the painting?! I closed my eyes and put my face into the painting. The warm liquid covered my whole face; dragging me in deeper. Without warning I fell completely into the painting. It was a long fall. I hit the ground in a painful thud. I cried out in pain as I heard my arm snap. I cradled my arm in pain. I felt tears escape the corners of my eyes. I sat down on my knees and looked around for any help. A house with a chimney breathing called for me. I hesitated and went around the house to the back. The door was wide open. A pale boy with black hair was singing at the kitchen table. "H-hello?" I gasped as he turned and looked at me. "What are to doing here?" He whispered/yell. He's acting like he knows me. "Valerie answer me!" How does he know my name? "Who are you?" I asked in shock. "I'm Zayn. God of Vain..." He trailed off as he saw my bloody and broken arm.

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