Libby's lover



1. their date

You and Harry are going on there date and it is so romantic a picnic on the beach. Harry thanks for a wonderful night said Libby. no problem babe said Harry. You are coming home and see that your house has bean robbed. Harry would not let you stay there after that you called and had people come check it out and now they have got the man who did this but he escaped. You spend the night with Harry at his house he would protect you at any cost. You think Harry is kidding but when he tolled Niall to hit you he dove in the way and got a bloody nose and lip. Harry!!!!!!!! Screamed Libby. I am ok Libby like I said I will protect you said Harry. Harry are you ok she brings Harry to the bathroom and sits on the counter and had Harry come to her and she was whipping all the blood off. Niall said why did he make me do it I feel so bad. Niall starts crying and Libby heard Niall but Harry did not so Libby pulled Harry closer and Harry stopped talking. What? Said Libby. It is just you pulled me closer and put your legs around my waist said Harry. So I could do this said Libby. and takes off Harry's shirt. What are you doing said Harry. It is just you took the hit for me so I thought of something said Libby. Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Bella are watching this whole thing. Harry said what do you mean you thought of something. Libby said I was thinking I could reward you so I thought about it and I do not care but I want it with you. Harry looks surprised but happy picked up Libby and started to make out with her and then went to the bedroom and the rest of the band left and went to Bella's house for a party.

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