The Demon's Curse

Raven hadn't visited the house in 26 years since the 'incidents' that occurred when she was 12 years old, that would scar her for all eternity. She didn't know what possessed her to return but she did, and she wasn't prepared for what happened next...


1. 1

The stiffened door handle was cold in my sweaty shaking hand. I hadn't visited the house in over 26 years since the incident that scarred me for years to come. Now at the age of 38, the memory still freezes me to the bone with fear, I am scarred. It may not be visible but the scar is there all the same. I take a slow attempted steady breath, tightening my grip around the door handle; a million possibilities of what lay behind the weather beaten door in front of me speeding around my head. So many what ifs. As I pushed, the door growled, I had disturbed it's peaceful sleep. The wooden floorboards wailed in pain underneath my weight as I inched my way into the black abyss that was once a grand hallway, crystal chandeliers and expensive ornaments on every surface. It was my grand hallway. The once beautiful patterned carpet beneath my feet was now covered in moss, accompanied by a thick layer of dust and appeared as fragile as a china teapot. A china teapot. A smile crept across my face at the memory before i could stop myself, letting the memory vividly replay in mind. Me and my wonderful Scarlet were young, playing ladies at the dinner table with Momma's finest china. Letty didn't mean to, it was an accident, but before either of us could react it had smashed into a thousand pieces on our old stone floor. Momma wasn't angry and tried to clear it before Pappa saw but nothing got passed Pappa, nothing. Momma tried to take the beating but I took the blame, Momma was black and blue from head to toe and I didnt want him laying a finger on Scarlet, she was too young, too fragile. Tears filled my eyes and the familiar lump in my throat made an appearance. Scarlet. Letty, my Letty. Gone. I quickly remembered where I was and why and snapped out of my daydream, or daymare. I went to move towards the window but it was too late. I had let my mind trail off for too long, I should've known better. I looked down and gasped at the sight, how hadn't I realised? My feet and arms were tightly tied with rope, and the rope was tightening.

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