Tom's diary

the story is about this weird kid named Thomas and his diary
he is very close to me


1. "Be Cool ,Be Cool,Be Cool"

Hi my name is Thomas.

Since this is a Diary I ai'nt going to try to be fancy

I guess this is a type of story I will update basing on my events.

 Right now as I am typing I feel regret full , for the first time

over not having a Girlfriend all of my Teen years into which i am

 almost about to be  20 .... next month.

  Today I had to take my hands and pray to the lord

and ask him for help to find the right girl for me.

  then after praying I started looking at the

crowd of people

that surrounded me.

     I kept saying  " it's not her"

"it's not her" "it's not her too" over the girls

 I saw at the crowd.

 and then I started thinking

"What if it was her" I asked

and then I said

"No I have to feel something first"

 .. I was really tired it was cold and dark

it was like 6 pm .

 I don't have a watch

 I walked towards this bus stand.

and I was just looking around and

I just saw this cute girl walking

on the other side.

  Cute,Cute,Cutie but not like

Barbie .

   I would smooch her with kisses kind

of cutie .. No  Noo wait it didn't sound


  She was All righty she had like

dimples and  a blue Circled Hat.

 a bag with some lines

 of Blue.

 I felt like it's her.. then i asked for

 when I saw her

I was thinking.

"Wouldn't it be cool to just hang out

with that girl and just listen to songs

with her and just be cool together

and kiss her"

 I felt like wow that be would be actually Cool.


Now mind me this girl was on the other side of the road

I was on the opposite side on a Bus station.

 I was feeling so insecure I actually didn't even want to

do anything.

  and then I said

"Damn it I am going to cross

to the other side and meet her"

and so I pulled my up my bag

and started walking ...

mind you I have a school bag on and a

Wasabi plastic light bag on my right hand.

 wearing just a black shirt with cool general

shoulder pads covered with a black leather

jacket.. which I didn't quite close it fully

 mind you I am quite an average looking though

I do have my charms.

  ;) hey there mwaa ! mwaa !

for the girls out there reading this.

   Okay okay let's get serious

   So what happened.

 I crossed the demn road and

started walking towards her ..

but then I started thinking

"Wait isn't this stalking"

I asked my self

 but then I ignored my self

and continued walking

the more I got closer the

more I got scared and so

I started  talking to my self .

"Just be cool Just be cool"

I told my self.

 as I kept walking and there she was

she was sitting on this Bus stop.

all alone and I still couldn't do anything

i thought it wouldn't be cool.

so i kept walking

 and I saw my friend Mike

whom was with this very Pretty Babe Blondie

Girl  ..I was like WooW ! on the inside

but I pretended to be cool on the outside .

 I was like "Hey nice to meet you and stuff".

as they left

it did hurt me a bit ..

as I want that to I stared back at the

bus stop she was .

  and I still saw her from a far and then

I saw a bus heading over there .

and I was like

"Oh noseee "

    I said .

 As I continued walking while

I complained to my self while speaking.

" She could have been the one you dummy"

"What if she is kind and nice  and really cool huh"

I argued and argued ..but what I didn't know was

I was actually arguing out loud a bit .

and I turned around she was right behind me ...

and I was like Woo! Woo! wait she didn't take the buss.

I asked my self.

and then I realized

" Ohhh ! She was taking a break from walking"

 and yeah she was actually .

 and as I turned back . "I swear I saw her

waving at me in a way" but I wasn't sure

 so I kind off pretended I was cool.

and she had just passed besides me while

smoking a cigar.

 I couldn't move it's not that

i am shy

well i actualy am.

it's just i don't know

may be this is not my thing.











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