Harry Or Niall

At a One Direction concert I got meet and greets and Niall and Harry were the best they liked me so much they wanted to mett up what will happen next?


2. Niall and Harry come over

Niall and Harry got here after the concert which wasnt long after my friend and I were really happy but we didnt want to scare them off so we tried to stay calm. Niall and I were talking and Harry and my friend were talking Niall was so nice and it felt like ive known him my whole life. By time we were done getting to know each other we sat and watched tv I think Niall kinda liked me because he had his arm around me and it was a scary movie and everytime I would get scared he would comfort me. So by time the movie was over it was about 12 at night and we were tired so I told them to stay but it was nice because I was having nightmares and i woke up screaming and Niall was comforting me. Nialls pov There was something about Kourtney she was beautiful and nice and she loved to cuddle. I want to date her but I dont know if she feels the same way.

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