The Hesitation

They looked deeply into to each other. She realized what was happening everything she ever could have dreamed about as a kid was everything that meant the world to her now. He understood how hard his absents had been on her, still he missed that lipstickless smile she gave to the world even when nothing was right. Their thoughts running wild like animals soon would slowly clam into something people called love


4. Chapter Four

                                                                                                ** 2 AM **

              "GRACE" Taylor shrieked. "TAYLOR" Grace screamed. Louis and Liam covered they're ears. They were the only boys to come because Liam refused for Taylor to be alone with Louis. Louis came because he's in love with Grace besides the fact of grace not knowing it was a steady relationship. "Wow I really feel the love here" said Cathriona, Grace's twin sister who is also my cousin. "Oh Cat we love you too." Said my Best friend Paulina. "Yeah sure" said cat "Where is Zayn at he said he would be here".

                                                                   ** The Next Morning**

              "Zayn its fine I promise" Cat said trying to convince him it wasn't a big deal."It's not I feel like the worst boyfriend ever. I mean even Louis went and he isn't even dating Grace yet." Zayn tried to explain. "You deserve someone better than me". Cat's look was puzzled. Until Zayn stated "Cathriona Rose I love you so much which is why it will hurt when I say I'm breaking up with you"."But......But...Zayn." Cat stuttered. It was too late because he already had walked out of the room.

              "Marisa I don't understand why did you cut your wrist" Harry asked as they sat in his bed with the door locked."I don't know. I guess it wast the fact of half my heart not being there the depression sank in when you and I split up to go our separate ways there was nobody to really talk to about anything going on but cutting, cutting numbed some of the pain I already felt. I guess it helped me in a way that I didn't feel so alone." Why didn't you just call me than?"Harry asked still full of wonder. "I couldn't it was to painful the sound of your voice would have been overwhelming". "Damn it Marisa. Don't you understand I was hurting too. I mean really look" Harry said as he pulled up his sleeve to show the M shaped scars on his wrist.

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