��Whatever happens behind the shutters stays behind the shutters��.


1. introduction

I couldn't sleep, for there was a storm churning, and an owl was calling out a depressing song. I tossed and turned as my shutters were banging up against the siding. I shoved the pillow over my face. The music I was listening to suddenly stopped and an eerie glow erupted in my room. I sat straight up on my bed. A glowing ball of aqua blue light was floating in the middle of my room. It grew bigger then vanished. My shutters slam shut and written upon them in aqua blue cursive writing is:

"What happens behind the shutters, Stays behind the shutters"

I covered my scream with my hand as the ball of light appeared once again as it formed into the shape of her 19 year sister who died from a car crash. The sister floated toward her and said

"We won't leave you know. It happened, so I'm staying." She disappeared into the aqua ball. I glare at the spot where she was. I know this isn't the end.

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