Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


1. Unexpected

"Jamie? Hello, are you okay?" asked Alli, my bestfriend. 
        "Uhm, yeah...I'm perfectly fine." I said smiling. 
        "It looks like something's wrong. Are you sure you're okay?"
        "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine...." the truth is, I wasn't just fine. My parents were at it again and I only went to Alli's to get away from them. I can't take it when they argue about the littlest things. Of course I love them but, this is going overboard. "Can we do something like, go shopping?"
        "I was just gonna ask you! LOL, this is why we're bestfriends, we always read eachother's minds!"
        We drive to the mall and look around in some stores. I love shopping. I could do it everyday! All of a sudden, loud screams could be heard and teenage girls were running to the entrance of the mall from all directions. "What the hec is going on?!" I asked. Then, like she heard my question, a random girl screamed, "OMG, IT'S ONE DIRECTION !!!!" I looked at Alli wide eyed. "What do we do?!"
        "I don't know!" Alli said, panicking. She and I don't LOVE One Direction. I mean they're really talented singers and I can't lie, they're all pretty cute but, Alli and I aren't over obsessed fans. We wouldn't pay hundreds of dollars to see them or go to their concerts. We've never even seen them in real life before! "Let's just find a different exit." 
        "Okay." I replied. We carried our bags to the back exit. We were the only ones by that part of the mall since One Direction's fans were all crowded by the main entrance. Why would they be here anyways? The most boring town ever and One Direction decides to come. We exited and headed to the car...all the way in the front of the mall. "Let's go get something to eat."
        "Culver's, as usual?" teased Alli.
        "Oh, you know me way too well." I smiled. We drove to Culver's and ordered our food. "Mmm, I'm starving!"
        "Isn't it crazy One Direction's in town?" whispered Alli so nobody could hear. 
        "It doesn't really effect us so I guess. Why are they here anyways?"
        "I heard they're on a short tour for small cities."
        "That explains why they came to Highland, the smallest town ever. Let's talk about something else okay? One Direction is the least of my problems."
        "Okay, then what do you wanna talk about? Oh, I know! Since it's your last year of college, what do you wanna do after?"
        "I don't know, find that special someone and fall in love. Get a job, get married, have kids.... you know, normal life stuff."
        "So you're not gonna work at the restaurant anymore?"
        "Well, that's just one job in my life, it's not like I wanna be a waitress forever."
        "Then where do you wanna work? I know I'm definitely gonna be a  makeup artist." 
        "Hehe, Alli, I know you want to be a makeup artist since you've told me 50 million times! Oh Alli, you're gonna be a wonderful makeup artist. I really want to work with animals. I honestly should figure out what I want for sure. I'm finishing college this year, I really need to plan my future.
        "Jamie, you're smart and beautiful. You're future is going to be perfect. You're the smartest person I know. You graduated high school early and you're graduating college early too. I'm on my 2nd year of college. I need 2 more years to be out of the cage forever."
        "We can still hang out whenever you want to. Remember, education comes first!" I laughed. 
        "Uhm Jamie, look who's here." I turned around to see my ex boyfriend Dylan coming over. I faced Alli and moaned an Oh-No
        "Hey babe, what are you doing here with that freak?" Dylan snickered.
        "Go away. I told you I never want to see you ever again. Just please stay away from me and my bestfriend." I pleaded.
        "You can't tell me what to do." Dylan said while sitting next to me. He put his arm around my shoulders. 
        "Don't touch me!" I pushed his arm off me. 
        "If you touch her again I swear I'll..." Ali was cut off.
        "You'll what? Tell mommy and daddy?" Dylan shot back with a baby voice.
        "That's it, we're..." 5 boys came into the fast-food restaurant with 5 guards, one for each band member. "I feel like they're following us." Alli said rolling her eyes. 
        "C'mon babe, I know you want me." said Dylan while getting closer to my face and getting a hold of my wrist.
        "Get off me! I broke up with you for a reason now let me go!" He grabbed my wrist even harder. "Ow! You're hurting me!" 
        "Mate, I think you should get out of here." a deep voice said. I looked up to see Liam Payne from One Direction staring right at Dylan. 
        "And why should I listen to you?" replied Dylan with an annoyed voice. "Go back to your gay friends." 
        "I don't want to cause any trouble here mate. Just let go of her wrist and go. If it's any better, I can call the police for harassment." That triggered something in Dylan. He instantly let go of my wrist and ran towards the exit, knocking into the rest of the band. 
        "Uhm, thank you." I said shyly.
        "Well it looked like you were in a bit of a jumble so I came here to see if you needed some help." said Liam in his cute, British accent.
        "Thanks again..." I said awkwardly, not knowing what else to say. I mean, I'm speaking to one of the most famous people ever! And he's from the most popular boy band ever!
        "My name's Liam, Liam Payne."
        "No need to introduce. I mean you can it's just that everybody knows you. Uhm, I mean.... my name's Jamielyne."
        "Haha, hello Jamielyne. You have a beautiful name."
        "Thanks." I smiled and blushed. "Uhm, this is my bestfriend, Alli."
        "Hi." said Alli.
        "Hello love." replied Liam with his adorable smile. 
        "Who are these lovely ladies?" Asked Louis walking over to our table. 
        "This is Alli and this is Jamielyne." answered Liam. 
        "If it's not too much to ask, may we sit at your table?" asked Harry. "This way, less people know One Direction's in the building."
        "Uhm, uhm..." I started, not knowing what to say. 
        "Yeah, of course you guys can." Alli said, finishing off my sentence. Liam sat on my right while Niall on my left. Zayn next to Liam, Harry on the left of Alli, and Louis on the right. They ordered and started eating while Alli and I drank coffee since we finished our food before Liam, Zayn, Niall, Harry, and Louis came. We made small talk. Mostly Alli did all of the conversation starters. I didn't know what to say so all I did was sip my coffee and answer with either one word or short sentences. I'm super shy so I was really nervous. Then, Liam spoke up. 
        "So, are you in school?"
        "Uhm, yeah. College actually."
        "Sounds fun! What year?"
        "This is my 4th, and last..."
        "Your last? Do you not have enough money or something?"
        "Uh, no I uh...." I was cut off.
        "I'm sorry, that was rude of me. I didn't mean to reference that you're poor. Not that you are poor, you look completely rich! Ah, I meant..."
        "No, no, it's fine. I'm graduating early. I wanted to do 6 years of college and get my Master's Degree but, they let me get my Master's Degree with only 4 years. I graduated high school early as well." Oh my god, am I making conversation? 
        "That's awesome! What college do you go to?"
        "The University of Chicago."
        "Do you live there?"
        "Well, no, I live here in Highland. My parents live here. I'm staying with them for break. I have an apartment that was paid for from the University since I got a full scholarship."
        "Sounds like you're really smart!" blurted out Louis. I started laughing and Alli joined in. "What? I'm just speaking my mind! Waitress! Do you have any carrots?" The others also joined in on laughing.
        "How about some ice cream?" Harry said, breaking the laughter.
        "Sure, my treat." Liam said, smiling. We told him what we wanted and he went up with Zayn. In just a couple of minutes, they came back holding a tray with 7 cups of ice cream, 6 spoons, and a fork. "Here you go."
        "Thanks." I said, smiling.
        "Thank you." Alli said. The boys, Alli, and I laughed and talked until Louis stuck his spoon in front of Liam's face and yelled, "BOO!"
        "Haha, very funny." Liam said after recovering from his mini heart attack. Everybody burst out laughing and Liam started chuckling himself. "Well, Alli and Jamielyne, me and my lads have to get going now. I was wondering, when can I see you again Jamielyne?"
        "Uhm..." I hesitated but then I did something crazy. I covered his eyes and then took my hands away. "Right now." I smiled. Did I really just pull off something I'd seen in 'Friends with Benefits'?! 
        "Nice try, I've seen that movie. How about we meet up here. 6:30 okay for you?"
        "Yeah, sounds great." Did Liam just ask me out? Did I just say yes?! Oh my god, I'm going crazy.

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