Nialls new love


1. how they meat

You wake up by the ring tone of Midnight Memories by One Direction and it is your best friend Libby said bella come on did you forget that we are going to the mall today. You said yes I remembered and it is only 9:17 am. Libby said we are going to be there in 5 min. You jump out of bed and take a shower to feel fresh. You put on your purple tank top and cute ripped denim short shorts. You finally here a knock on the door. You said hi Libby said hi ready to go? You said ok let's get going.

******at the mall*****

You say I love your cheetah print shirt you bought. Libby thanks Bella. Bella was too busy talking and not paying any attention to where she was going she bumped into this sweet blond haired boy. He said I am so sorry are you ok? You say it is ok. He helps you with the clothing that you dropped and libby stopped to wait . He said hi my name is Niall. Hi my name is Bella said Bella. You exchange numbers and you have bean texting for about a month now.

Sorry this is my first one when I am finished with chapter 2 I will put it up. Please tell me what I need to add and in the next. One Niall and Bella go on there first date. So I could use any suggestions you have I could even make one for you. Love you guys thanks the next one is going to be longer a lot longer.

Isabella Hubert

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