Secrets and Lies

A girl named Rose and her two friends Emma and Cleo were ordinary girls.... Well not ordinary.. They were mermaids, about ten seconds after touching water they get their tails. Her and her two friends were walking on the beach and met One Direction. Harry and Rose start to fall deeply in love with each other. But what rose mostly fear is that if Harry find out her secret... Will he still love her?


4. Chapter 4

We were also able to move things, but we're taking it slow. We also had another power we needed to control I'm glad we didnt mess this up. We probably had it under contol now. I dont think we'll be able to do it again if we dont. We were able to create a thunderstorm. I could make lightning strike, Cleo had the wind, Emma had snow or rain, one of those. Anywho. We took down everything. "So glad none of us went all zombie like." 

"Same." Me and Emma said. 

"So am I." Luis said. "They would have discovered you." 

"Did you get the rock samples?" I asked.

"No." He said. "I wanted to make sure they left." 

My phone started to ring, I answered, "Hello." I said.

"Hey." Harry said. "Me and the guys are gonna go grab a smoothie. Wanna come?"

"Sure." I said smiling.

"Great. See ya there."

Harry's P.O.V

Me and the guys went to Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Perrie and Zayn were laughing and talking. Rose and her friends walked in. Her hair in a low side pony tail with curls, a red shirt, with a white under shirt with skinny jeans. I walked over to her. "Hey." I said smiling. 

"Hey." She said smiling back." I could've melted. We all sat at the same table. We laughed and talked. A guy walked over and talked to the girls. "Hey." He said. 

"Hey Ash." Rose said. They talked for a little while then he got back to work behind the counter. Niall spilled his drink on Emma. "I'm so sorry." He said quickly. "It's fine." She said running into the cool room. Rose, Cleo,Kacie, and Luis ran after her. I tried to go with them, but Ash stopped me.


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