Hey there Delilah

This is Delilah. She is a girl who was bullied at her old school, she was a goody goody. She changed. Her best friend Liam just moved here and can't believe what he sees. Not the perfect little 14 year old that left 2 years ago, now he sees a bad ass punk. Will he save her from herself? Will Liam still be her best friend or will Niall


1. new school new me

Delilah's P.O.V

Today was my first day at my new school in Doncaster. I was always bullied but this year I wasn't about to be.

Last week I got one ear pierced all the way around, but the other only had 2 at the bottom an a bar across the top. My nose, belly button, lip, and eyebrow pierced.

As I walked up to the front gate of yet another hell hole, everyone stopped and stared, the boys where literately drooling and the girls looked at me with hate and jealousy.

I walked into the office and got my schedule. I found my locker put in the combination and opened it. Now sooner had I done that the locker door was slammed shut.

I looked over to see a boy with feathery brown hair and piercing blue eyes smirking at me. "Hey, slut let me tell you the rules of my school." He said. Wow dude seriously stop PMSing.

"I rather not." I snapped at him and saw rage come across his face.

"Listen here bitch, you don't talk back to me. I run this school so fuck off." He yelled and slapped me across the face.

"No, I'm tired of little Dicks like you running around the place like you fucking own it!! Now get the hell out of my way." I said and I heard a lot of surprised gasps from the Cronus that had gathered around us.

He hit me again. I turned around and nailed him with my history book square in the jaw. He swung a punch at me but I ducked and dropped to the ground. I swiped my leg across his ankles making him fall on his bum.

I scrambled up and put my knee on his chest, his arms were still pinned under his and my weight, I pushed my left forearm down over his throat. "Try that again I dare you?" I hissed at him.

I got up and walked to first period history when a little blond bubbly kid ran up to me. "That was real brave of you to do, he bullies everyone." His Irish accent was strong, but not as strong as my Australian one.

"Yeah, I hate people like him, does he bully you." I ask. He nodded shyly.

"Can I see your schedule?" He asked and u handed it to him. His face lit up, "We have all of the same classes, but so does Louis. Oh, I'm Niall by the way."

I guess Louis was the bully. "I'm Delilah, but you can call me Dee. Don't worry mate I'll protect ya." I said and swung an arm around his should he was a good 2 or 3 inches taller than me. He blushed.

Since that day we've been inseparable, we slept over at each other's house and if one of us goes on vacation so does the other. The best part is we're neighbors!

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