He's The One

Jessica Jassity is a outcast. Everybody hates her for no reason. She has unexpected things happen to her through out. Are things getting better or worst?


8. flawless


My heart dropped, died, and then came back to life. I swear I was paralyzed for a couple minutes, stunned by her perfection. Oh my god, Kristina? She was so sexy and beautiful. Although she looked different from her profile picture...

Logan: "Kristina......Alexx..?"

Jessica: "...Ya..."

Logan: " Oh my god...I'm a little embarrassed... But I don't care... I'm just, just so...happy. "

I really wanted to go in for a deep hug, but wasn't sure if I should..

Jessica: "Me too! I've been waiting for, forever it seems!"

We just stood there in awkward silence for a minute, until we started stepping closer to each other. We started to reach for each other at the same perfect moment. We hugged for probably 5 minutes and started slow dancing with no music.

Logan: "so...where do you want to go?" I said smiling in her sweet smelling hair.

Jessica: " honestly, out of this whore house."

Logan: " that sounds great to me. Are you hungry?"

Jessica: " Actually, I am. I was in such a rush to meet you. I was so exited!"

Her smile made me even happier.

Logan: "Any certain place you would like to go? Anywhere. I'll pay."

Jessica: " aww you're the sweetest, and I don't care really! You pick! Haha. "

Logan: "well then I'll make it a surprise."

Jessica: " okay! Haha"

I saw her blush, she was so beautiful. I decided to take her to a nice restaurant.

Jessica: "Le Pigeon? Is this place expensive? I don't want you to spend a lot of money just for me! I'm not worth that haha."

Logan: "Oh stop, I only buy perfect girls things."

Jessica: *blush*

We sat and talked a lot about each other. Since we were so deep in our conversation, both of us only got barely half way through our dinners. I couldn't describe how happy I was to have finally met her. I have never felt this way for any person ever. I knew why alright, it was because I loved her.

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