One Love

Harmine is just your normal 13 year old girl who is on vacation in calabasas,CA.
she meets this gorgeous guy and has best friend. Justin's best friend is falling for Harmine and she might have feeling for him to.
she will have to choose between them.
who will she choose?


1. How it all started

It all began when I was on vacation in Calabasas,CA. I was skateboarding down the streets with some people I met at the skate park. I got off my skateboard and started to walk backwards because we were talking. When I turned around I bumped into someone. My skateboard fell out of my hand. I bent down to pick it up and i guess he had the same intention and we hit our heads together. He asked me if I was okay. Looking up into his gorgeous eyes. Our gaze met and I quickly got up and said sorry. As I was walking away, He grabbed my arm and asked me for my number. Blushing, I gave it to him.

When I got home, my phone started to ring. I picked it up and is was him. He told me to be ready by 7:30. By 7:15, I texted him my address. I told him not to knock on the door because my dad would get mad at me for going out way past my curfew. I was standing outside waiting for him. When he pulled up he had flowers in his hand. He gave them to me and said that when he saw them he thought of me.

We were in the car for about 45 minutes because of traffic. I asked him where we were going but all he told me was that it was going to be a night to remember. When we finally got there, the parking lot was dead. He told me that he rented it for us. I started to blush again and i quickly turned away. He took my hand and told me to follow him into the theater. He asked me what kind of movie I wanted to watch. I told him that he could choose because I didn't know any new movies out. We ended up watching scream. During the movie I was just thinking why he wanted to watch this movie? When he put his arm around me thats when it came to me. He wanted to make a move. I let him, because I didn't know what to do. After the movie was over we both wanted to watch the next on so we ended up spending the night watching all the scream movies. We both fell asleep watching the movie. When I woke up, I was not a my house. I got up and looked around. I started to freak out because I didn't know where i was. He came into the room with 2 cups of coffee. I told him that i had to go home because my dad was going to get worried. He told me that he wold take me home right after he showed me something. After we were both washed up, he took me to his recording studio. He introduced me to his best friend Khalil. Khalil said "Dang, Justin, You got yourself a keeper." I told my self his name is Justin. Khalil asked me what my name was and i told him Harmine. I herd Justin whisper to himself Harmine.

After we left the studio, He asked me if my name was Harmine. I told him ya my name was Harmine. When he took me back home, there were police at my house. I ran to my dad and told him that I was okay. He hugged me so tight that I couldn't breath. He told me to never leave the house without letting him know where I was going. I walked over to Justin and he asked me if that was my dad. I said "yes and no." He asked my what i meant by that. I told him "yes he's my dad and no he's not my real dad." Justin asked me when he will be able to see me again and i told him in  the summer time because i was going back to Miami. I had to got because my dad was calling me. He hugged me tight and kissed my cheek and told me to call him everyday. I told him that I would.

When I got inside the house my dad told me that he had to go a meeting and that he would be back soon. He told me that if everything went good at the meeting that we would be moving here permanently. I was so happy that I hugged him so tight. My dad asked who was that bot that I was with. I told him "I think he's my boyfriend!" 

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