Magic Fighter

I look at everyone. No one will meet my eyes. All my life I thought I was ordinary. Now I know that I was meant to destroy the human world and build a new golden age for magic. I am the Magic Fighter.


1. Reveal

"Hey, Novella." I smile at the black stallion.

She neighs in response.

"Um, excuse me." A deep voice says shyly.

I turn around and a boy about my age with messy blonde hair stands there bouncing on the balls of his feet.

I smile and say, "Yes? Are you here to drop off a pet or pick one up?"

"Pick one up. He's a Golden Retriever and his name is Sebastian."

My smile widens. "Oh,yes, Sebastian is a very obedient dog. He's also utterly kind."

The boy's smile wavers a little and I wince. "Sorry! I'm rambling. Sebastian is in here."

I lead him into the backyard where we let all the dogs run around. "My name is Xavia, by the way."

"I'm Kasey."

I whistle and call, "Sebastian!" He comes trotting up and when he sees Kasey he barks excitedly.

"Do you have a dog?" Kasey asks, petting Sebastian.

"Yes." I whistle twice- one shrill and one normal. My German Shepard, Wila, comes bounding up and sits in front of me. "This is Wila."

He laughs as Wila licks his hand. "I better go." He says reluctantly. Sebastian and Kasey walk to the parking lot.

I go inside the Center and my boss, Sharla, waves at me from the desks and says, "Hey, Xavia, how are you?"

I smile and say, "Tired but happy."

Wila growls at her and stands in front of me protectively. She nips at Sharla as Sharla tries to pat her head.

"Wila!" I exclaim. "I'm sorry, Sharla! She's not usually like this with anyone."

Sharla shrugs. "It's okay. I don't think she's ever liked me. Even when she was in the Center."

Wila is a rescue from the Center that was found bleeding on the side of the road.

My watch vibrate and I look at Sharla apologetically. I look at the time and wince. "I'm going to be late for my own mother's funeral." I mutter. I look up at Sharla and say, "I have to go."

I rush outside and jump on my bike. Wila trots beside me. We arrive at my house and I put on a black blouse, black leggings, black flats and put my hair in a quick high bun.

I run quickly to the cemetery and I- after a lot of complaining on her part- leave Wila at home.

I arrive at the cemetery just as they start the funeral.

"Nice of you to join us." My father murmurs to me.

I wince at the tone of his voice. "Sorry." I mutter.

The priest drones on and on. When the funeral people give their condolences to us and leave. But some of my mother's family members, the priest, my dad and I stay.

"Hello, Xavia." The priest says. "You know why we're here."

I raise my eyebrow. "Do I?" I ask.

The priest sighs and looks at my father, "Sam, did you not tell her?"

"No, Derek, Misty told me not to tell her too soon." My father says.

"Tell me what?" I demand, glancing at the priest and my father.

My aunt, Allison, speaks up. "We are a ancient race of Magic Warriors. They are people who fight the humans so we can live on Earth in peace. All of the wars against countries are really wars against us. World War I- us. World War II- us. Magic Warriors are a superior race to humans and the humans hate that. Our race wanted to win more wars so they created the Magic Fighters. Magic Warriors designed to kill humans. They are much more powerful than human or Magic Warrior. Your father is half-human and half-Magic Warrior. You are the Magic Fighter. Your dog, Wila, is your Guard Dog. A dog that will protect you with its life. You are destined to bring a new golden age for the Magic folk." She looks pointedly at the priest and my father. "Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?"

Neither of them answer so I ask, "Why is the priest here?"

Allison smiles and says, "He is a trusted ally."

"Why not tell me before now?" I demand.

I look at everyone. No one will meet my eyes. All my life I thought I was ordinary. Now I know that I was meant to destroy the human world and build a new golden age for magic. I am the Magic Fighter.

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