When Sam starts her last year of high school, she realizes that she has to make the most of it and by that she means finding that special guy.


1. The Start

My alarm woke me up, oh damn first day of school guess I'm going to have to get ready... I made my way to the bathroom brushed my teeth and washed my face. After that I got dressed I wore a white shirt that had a star on the front with a tribal print cardigan, I topped that with a maroon scarf black skinny jeans and complete black converse. I grabbed a left over donut and my backpack and headed out the door. I had to walk because apparently my parents had

to leave early but I don't mind walking's fun. I was near the school when the bell rang so I rushed inside.

When I made it inside I spotted my friend Sam. "Hey Sam nice to see you".

" oh hey Amanda!"

"What class do you have?"

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