You're hired !

He is a gardener and she is one of the most successful women there is.
when their world's clash, how would they react? what would society say to this relationship and what happens when one's dark past comes back to bite one's ass.
Read to be lost in Fay and justin's deep troubles and stories .


13. look guys

i will temporarily complete this story and edit it for you, I'm really sorry about the time that we put this story on hold for and if you wanna cuss me out go ahead and if you want to scream at me, you can do that too i do not mind at all ... I'm not going to bother you with an explanation and I'm just gonna go ahead and apologize .. I'm really,really,really sorry and I'm posting three new chapter today.. I'm not going to leave you hanging and screw up anymore and as a guarantee here is my KIK : F.4.Fuckedup .

thank you all again for everything.




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