You're hired !

He is a gardener and she is one of the most successful women there is.
when their world's clash, how would they react? what would society say to this relationship and what happens when one's dark past comes back to bite one's ass.
Read to be lost in Fay and justin's deep troubles and stories .


10. he knows

Soon while i just stared at her silently ,i saw the ronalds coming to stand behind her,one by one.

"You better leave her before she gets you SHOT" lesa(ronald said) directing her harsh words to Justin.

Justin just looked at her without an interest ," uh,look,whoever you are, I think you are the one that has less chance of living right now " he said slowly and dangerously low and started pulling me to the car,once we were in the car, i started to cry so hard that i can feel my eyes getting swollen second by second.

He just held me while i cried for a long time.

I finally calmed down, "who are they and what were they talking about?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"They are my ex-boyfriend's family" i said quietly.

"Why were saying that you got someone shot" he asked.

"I really dont want to talk about it"

he leaned closer to me,unbuckled my seat belt and lifted me up to drop me on his lap.

"You WILL tell me" he demanded, he looked different, not the normal sweet justin ,his eyes were black and he held me so hard that i can feel a bruise forming.

"It's just--- he loved me, he asked to marry me ,my father said no, we ran away together, ended up in, in a cheap motel for couple of days, some people saw his expensive car then they saw me, he let them take the car but they wanted to take me, he said no, so they tried shooting me, but he took the bullet and the security cameras showed all of that ,his family hated me and my father hated me for running away and to be honest, I hated me ,I'm the reason his dead, I am the reason " I finished the horrible memory leaving out the details because the flashback started already flooding my mind.

"It's okay, it wasn't your fault, he defended you, he knew he's gonna die and he took it anyway because you are such a good person and you deserve to be defended and stop crying" ,his words didn't make me stop crying anyway.

"Come on, shawty! I'm starting to get a little jealous ,from a dead guy..more like dead hero, I respect the guy but don't talk about how much you love him since I get jealous" he cracked a smile and his eyes were back to light brown again. I smiled at him and giggled a little, giggling...another thing I didn't do for years now .

"Come on,i need to drive back to your place" he said while moving me.

I thought he was gonna put me back in the passenger seat but instead he seated me in another way on his lap.

"May I ask how are you gonna drive like that?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Don't worry shawty I'm used to this"

"Why do I feel like there is a lot that I don't know about you " I added.

"Hell yeah you do hazel,hell yeah you do" I soon realized what he said.

"Justin. my name is not hazel" I crossed my arms.

"Yeah but your eyes are hazel so I'm gonna tell you that your new name according to me is hazel" he smiled at me in the rear view mirror.

"And don't cross your arms,i can drive with you sitting on me but lose the attitude, you can also make out with me while you are at it" he joked.

I turned my face and kissed him on his cheek.

"Thanks jay..."

"Don't call ma that it sounds like gay" he complained and I laughed.

I have a strong feeling that he is gonna mean a lot to me .


Aloha homies ,I love you all for waiting on me and for following commenting and voting and I SWEAR to you that I'll update frequently since I have a wounded heart now and I do need to do something that I love to keep me busy !! Finally back


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