You Big Dummy

Harley and Kaku met at a when they were 13 years old. The problem was that Jack was being a dummy he destroyed their romantic moments. They decided to plan to keep Jack from ruining their moments. Suddenly Jack realizes how terrible he has been acting so he decided to not ruin their romantic moments.


1. Throwback to Dinner

Harley's POV

I could not forget July 28th of 2008, the day I met Kaku. It was the most romantic day of my life. We met when we were only 13 years old. We both smiled at the minute we met. We met at a fast food restaurant when we both bumped into each other on the way. Figured she was my mom's friend's daughter.

It was Sunday, the day I hate the most out of the week. It was just like any ordinary day, I wake up and change, go wash my teeth, go downstairs, eat breakfast and go watch some tv. Nothing good was on so I decided to go to my computer and play some Roblox.

Then it was Monday, the day we start the week at school. We did what we do everyday. Silent reading, math, science, snack, writing, lunch, social studies, agenda and home time. After school I ran to Kaku's house for dinner. Kaku's mom invited my family so it kind of looked awkward. After dinner my family had to leave because of work. My mother asked Kaku's mother to babysit. Mrs. Robertson accepted. 10 minutes later my parents left while I find myself sleeping on the rug. I was plenty embarrassed.

The very next day my parents came back at 8:10 and woke me up to go home. I fell asleep on the way so my father had to drag me on to my bed. I was snuggling beside paper that had a secret I kept on it. It said: I kind of have a crush on Kuku. "It's never going to happen." I insisted. Later that day Kaku came to my house feeling nervous, it took her 3 minutes to talk then finally she said wanna go to the movies she asked me. I accepted and finally realized she might actually like me!

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