A fanfic filled with drama, full of twists and turns in the tale! It's near impossible to sum it up without giving the story away, but I'm certain that when you read it you'll love it! Full of One Direction, romance, hatrid, rivallry and general drama! Enjoy!


2. Two


Rose POV

I arrived at my closest friend Brielle’s house; we’ve known each other for years now! I pull up on the gravel drive, on my authentic Vespa, in baby blue. I absolutely love that Vespa, it’s my most prized possession and I started saving up for it as soon as I got my first part time job. I have three now just to afford to pay for it and buy It’s gonna be brilliant, a  typical girly sleep over, gossiping, watching some of the best movies, taking a million ridiculous selfies to haunt Facebook and Twitter with and messing around in our ridiculous onesies that we would never wear in front of anybody else. I can’t wait It’s gonna be absolutely amazing!

 I’m wearing my favourite leather jacket at the moment with my favourite pale grey skinny jeans that I have worn to death and a pair of black converse. Under my leather jacket, I have a top on that’s plain white with the words ‘Rock and Roll’ printed over the front in black swirly lettering, and my wrists are filled with surf style bracelets made of various different leathers or strings. It’s just my style, kinda rocky I guess... I don’t know how to describe it but I love it! I don’t have much make up on though, just some pale pink cherry flavoured lip balm on and a bit of purple nail polish on my finger nails... I don’t like to wear loads of makeup.

I climb off my Vespa, trying but failing to do it as elegantly as possible. I remove the key from the ignition and slip it into the pocket of my leather jacket before zipping the pocket up to keep it safe. I carefully lift my helmet off and brown curls of hair spilled out from underneath, messy and all over the place, just how I like it, much to the protest of my mother who preferred it straightened or put up in a pony tail but I guess I’m really the care free sort so I really couldn’t care less what other people think of me. I just check that I don’t have helmet hair before I kicked down the stand of my Vespa with my conversed feet. I grab my helmet so that I can take it into Brielle’s with me and I slowly head over to the front door, surrounded as always with pretty green ivy.

I bang on the door probably louder than was necessary with my rock solid clenched fist and I decide that it is probably a good idea to pull my Skull Candy ear buds out which are currently blaring out one of my favourite songs ‘Guns for hands’ by Twenty One Pilots, it was getting towards the end of the song anyway and I know it off by heart so it isn’t like I’m missing it or anything. Brielle comes to answer the front door. At the moment she is wearing bluey grey acid wash skinny jeans and a crop top with the name and logo of some retro band on that neither of us have heard of and she has some cosy looking slipper socks on her feet. The look suits her to be honest, along with her makeup that she always does really well, it is a natural look and it really suits her. I smile as I can hear ‘Birthday’ by Katy Perry, pumping out of the speakers in her lounge. Brielle is a massive Katy Perry fan and I can remember when we went to see her together in the Prismatic tour. She’s been a Katy Perry fan for as long as I can remember, but ‘Birthday’ is probably one of our favourite songs and it has been since the Prism album came out and we first heard the songs.

“If the music’s up that loud, and there are no cars on the drive, I take it that you’re the only one in!” I grinned knowing that I was right anyway. “I take it that as you’re here early you weren’t obeying the speed limit as you drove here?” “You know me too well!” I said, not really expecting that from her, but not minding as it was true any way and I’m Known for my reckless driving. I certainly have a driving style that nobody else would attempt to mimick for fear of their lives but I’ve always loved speed. Brielle just stands there smirking at me. “I can’t wait till the day that you realise it’s a moped and not a motor bike; you’ll kill yourself if you carry on!” “God sake Brielle, you sound like my mother!” I exclaimed and we both burst out laughing, kind of in hysterics. We headed inside Bri’s house and I slipped my high top converses off at the door,  revealing an odd pair of trainer socks, with different styles and patterns on them that dressed my feet, I love wearing odd socks and if I’m honest I can’t stand wearing matching pairs. I think it looks kind of cool too, although I’m not so sure that Brielle agrees, or anyone else for that matter!

We both jogged upstairs and headed for Brielle’s room where there is already an air bed set out for me with a pillow and duvet. I dumped my superdry rucksack and my helmet on the bed that had been made up for me. I struggled out of my jacket as clumsily as humanly possible and I flung it onto the bed. I carefully unzipped my dark grey acid wash rucksack and rummaged through it, fishing around with my hand to find what I was after. Bri laughed at me a bit but oh well... I found what I was looking for and pulled out my tablet which was in its case with my prize position, my beats by Dr. Dre plugged in, and I pulled out the two massive bags of sweets that I has bought earlier at the petrol station for me and Brielle to share over the duration of the sleep over. I dumped one of the packets on my bead and then follow Brielle downstairs and into her lounge. I love her lounge, its fab, it’s huge and there are these really nice big comfy sofas and her two adorable cats are always hanging around somewhere.

We shared the packet of sweets (chocolate éclairs, my favourite!) and messed around on Brielle’s laptop for a bit in the lounge, doing things like watching hilarious Vines on YouTube or checking out our statistics on various fan fiction websites such as Movellas! Bri also grabbed us a massive packet of tangy cheese Doritos to share between us from her kitchen, definitely my favourite flavour of crisps and I know that she loves them too. “So where are your parents at right now?” I asked as I wondered how long we’d have before they’d get back. I popped another Dorito into my mouth, making a vow to myself mentally that it should be the last one for a while as I was pigging out a bit. “They’ve gone off to the shops, and they’re buying us some pizza for tea!” She answered. “Cool, I can’t wait! I love pizza!” I grinned with a wide smile showing my dimples off. I sometimes think that I smile far too much, but I can’t help being so happy all the time!

A few You Tube videos later, Brielle’s parents got home. Her dad watched cricket in the lounge and her mum used the computer to look at her Facebook, so me and Brielle decided to go off upstairs and we carried on watching videos, listening to music, dancing, chatting and gossiping in her room onlooked by some stunning posters that covered her walls. A few hours later, at around seven PM, Brielle’s mum came up with two large plates of pizza and chips with coleslaw at the side. “Just eat what you can girls” She smiled warmly. “Thank you” I said remembering my manners, yet knowing that I would manage to eat it all anyway. “Thanks mum” Brielle added. “Oh and girls, I’ve got some news for you, Brielle, I’ve been talking on Facebook to a lady called Karen Payne and it turns out that we have a family link and she’s my second cousin once removed, so we have some long lost family! She has three children, Ruth, Nicola and her youngest son Liam, you may have heard of him...” “OH MY GOSH BRIELLE!” I screamed, I can’t believe this, she is so lucky that it isn’t fair! “I’m RELATED TO LIAM PAYNE!!! THIS IS LIFE CHANGING, I CAN MEET ONE DIRECTION!!!”  Brielle screamed slightly louder than me which was incredibly surprising considering Brielle was usually the quieter one of the two of us, but I don’t mind as I would have screamed so loudly that I would have severed my vocal chords if I was her.


“Girls you need to calm down, Brielle you have to remember that he’s your cousin and you’ll have to treat him normally like a normal person, you can scream at him or start crying whenever you see him, you wouldn’t do that to any other member of the family so pleased don’t be that way around him.” Brielle’s mum explained to her. Brielle nodded carefully. “Okay mum, I will.” She said with an obedient tone.

Brielle waited till her mum had left the room and gone next door to her sister’s room to tell her the news. She turned to me with a smile. “I can’t wait!” she said excitedly fist pumping and I smiled to herself, lucky her!

Author's note-

Hey guys! so this is the start of my new story, welcome to everyone, whether you're a new reader of my stories or already a huge fan! This story's full of drama, twists and turns so I think you'll like it! 

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