A fanfic filled with drama, full of twists and turns in the tale! It's near impossible to sum it up without giving the story away, but I'm certain that when you read it you'll love it! Full of One Direction, romance, hatrid, rivallry and general drama! Enjoy!


1. One



A seventeen year old girl who is Rose’s best friend. She's into fashion and music, especially Katy Perry and One Direction. She loves playing tennis too, and generally keeping fit. She loves hanging with her best mate Rose at the weekends and the two of them always mess around in school, even though they're in the last and possibly the most important year of school!


Brielle’s best friend Rose, who is also seventeen. As Brielle's best friend, Rose goes with her to meet One Direction and she makes great friends with the band like Brielle does! The band decide that they don’t really approve of her emo boyfriend Myles, but she doesn’t mind that much...


You know this guy, Liam Payne from One Direction and aged twenty years old, he discovers that he has two distant cousins called Brielle (who is three years younger) and Alice (who is five years younger) and being the youngest in his family, he is proud to have somebody who he can be protective over and look after.


The Irish sweetheart who wins over Brielle's heart but has to do so in secret wihtout Liam finding out as if he finds out, then the couple are sure that Liam will flip when he finds out as he wouldn't approve of their dating.

The rest of One Direction-

You know them, the gorgeous rest of the band, the other 3/5 (and how gorgeous they are!). They get to know Brielle and Rose really well and all make brilliant friends and  they all get on fabulously! Zayn, Louis and Harry, complete babes!


Rose’s boyfriend, caring and sensitive and Issy can’t understand why, but One Direction don’t approve of him, although they aren’t the first people to disapprove of him as her family don’t either. She thinks that it is all based on stereotypes because he’s an emo, but it turns out that their disapproval has a valid reason.


He doesn't appear until  much later in the story, he's very handsome and a right gentleman but he's a mystery character and I can't reveal anymore about him ;)


A bit of a slutty type and a complete bitch who is the sort who is a popular girl but hated by pretty much everyone, including Rose and Brielle. Again she's a mystery character and I can't reveal anymore... :)


A stiring little dick... Lochlan's older brother who is friends with Myles and in the same gang as him but that's all I can give away about him, again another mystery guy... can't wait for you lot to find out about my mystery characters!

Hope that you guys all enjoy the story, it's packed with drama and I'm gonna try and update as often as I can for you all! :D it's gonna be fab guys!

love you all, Nouis Toran Xxx

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