Im Just The Maid..

My name is Megan, I am very poor and so I had to go work at this guys house. I was stuck as a maid - im 15 yeh really young and im working for this grown up kind of guy. my boss - I guess he could be considered as cute, or handsome - screw it im attracted to him - a little. anyway he is cheeky and a little intimidating since he is so................... mysterious :)


6. I...I just couldn't........could I?


 Megans POV:


 He had bent down onto my body and was holding my body tight. I couldn't help my moans growing louder from every touch. it felt so wrong but so right.


" Harry,mmmmm, enough " He drew back and I wanted him to just continue.

" What baby? having too much fun? " His smirk grew wider as he rubbed my thy.

" That's enough sir, im your maid, im a servant girl! don't you understand that Harry?! im a no one and your a smart rich guy! As much as I want to I cant do this anymore!" I felt depressed, sad and alone...........I gave up the only thing that mattered to me. Harry said nothing as we got back into the front seats and drove home.

 I went to my room and harry went to his. you know what. I sat up thinking. I am gonna live whilst im young! im gonna yolo it! god I sound weird. I put on a black thong and sprayed my perfume then put a light, see through robe and knocked on Harry's door....



A/N shitty and short im sorry having a rough time with bullying so I haven't had timd to type at all :(:(:(:(

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