Im Just The Maid..

My name is Megan, I am very poor and so I had to go work at this guys house. I was stuck as a maid - im 15 yeh really young and im working for this grown up kind of guy. my boss - I guess he could be considered as cute, or handsome - screw it im attracted to him - a little. anyway he is cheeky and a little intimidating since he is so................... mysterious :)


1. i NEED a job

Megan's POV:

 My breathing was heavy, the rain was dripping ice and my heart beat too quick. I escaped- I ESCAPED! I finally got away from that ungreatful, pathetic, torture known as an orphanage. I had been stuck there since I was 6. I was now 12, my hair was curled and my eyes were a deep brown. I quickly got to a train station and with the money I had stolen I got on a train and headed to New York.


That was 3 years ago.. I was now 15 and was on the streets with no money at all. I walked along the park and watch as children played and smiled. I saw a poster saying ' Help wanted - Maid- will give room and £50 a week. I know£50 isn't much but it could get me food and clothes. I took a strip with the address on it and went to the house. it was a grand mansion. I pressed the doorbell and listened as it went ' ding'.

  a few seconds later an attractive young man stepped outside.

" I am here for the maid job?" I questioned.

" Oh hello, please do come in, im Harry, Harry Styles!" the cute man smirked as I noticed his eyes wander up and down my body as he bit his lips. seductively...



A/N soooooooooo what do you guys think of my new movella? I will write more soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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