Hiding Behind This Mask~ Uta No Prince Sama Fanfiction

A 16 year old girl named Megumi Sakura has entered Satome Academy under a scholarship. Megumi is very shy and doesn't talk much around others, except her roommate, Kai, and her very few friends. What will happen when this sweet and shy girl meets some famous male idols?


1. Chapter 1~

Megumi's POV:

I can't do this. I just cant. The school is so big and rather......intimidating. I slowly walked up to the school doors, practically shaking. I took a deep breath and walked into the noisy school. I was told my stuff was in my dorm that i was luckily sharing with my friend, Kai Tariama. My eyes flickered from one student to the next. Oh my freckled Jesus. There are so many students! OK, breathe Megumi, breathe. Oh freckled Jesus. There staring at me. Calm down, calm yourself. I think i see Kai! Good.

No One's POV:

Megumi sighed in relief as Kai bounced over to he and hugged her.....tightly.

"Umi-chan!" Kai squealed,causing Megumi to giggle. She looked up at her violet eyed friend with her own sky blue eyes.

"H-Hi Kai-chan" She answered softly, causing Kai to giggle. She always thought Megumi was so cute when she stuttered. Kai smiled and released her friend. Megumi had showed Kai her class, and she squealed loudly.

"Where in the same class!" Kai practically screamed, making Megumi wriggle from her grip, shrinking back, muttering about dying in that class. Kai laughed and threw her arm around her scared friend.

"And we share a dorm!" Kai added happily, her friend turning a deathly white. Megumi hung her head and sighed. Kai pouted and grabbed her wrist.

"Come on! class is starting soon.Ill take you there!" Kai squealed and bounded down the hallway, Megumi being dragged behind her. Eventually they stopped at a door marked 'S Class'. It was a few minuets before class started but some people were already there. Kai smiled and giggled softly, walking up to the teacher.

"hi Hyuuga-Sensei! I brought the new student" Kai said as Hyuuga turned around, smiling at Megumi.

"Hello Megumi. I have heard your singing. I must say, i am impressed" He complimented with a smile, causing Megumi to blush lightly.

"T-Thank you Hyuuga-Sensei" She said with a small bow. Hyuuga  laughed lightly. Soon enough, all the students had filed into the room and sat down. Hyuuga-Sensei cleared his throat and began to speak.

"Hello class. Today, we have a new student. I want all of you to be nice to her." He introduced, looking over to Megumi who stepped next to him.

"H-Hello. Im Megumi Sakura. I-Its nice to meet you all and i hope we can all be friends" she said louder than she usually spoke, but not that loud. Kai smiled brightly and gave her a small thumbs up, causing Megumi to smile sheepishly. Hyuuga- Sensei placed a hand lightly on her shoulder.

"Take a seat between Ms. Tariama and Mr. Kurusu" He told her, gaining a nod from Megumi. Without a word, She walked over and sat down, smiling slightly. Kai giggled and nudged her friend. Megumi felt someone poke her shoulder and she looked over to see a blonde boy with electric blue eyes and a navy blue hat. He smiled brightly as he spoke.

"Hi! im Syo Kurusu." He said, causing Megumi to smile softly. He saw this and smiled even brighter if it possible. Since he knew her name, he asked her a different question.

"Are you here as an idol or as a composer?" He asked. Megumi spoke softly.

"Im technically here as both. Im learning how to be both an Idol and a composer" She explained, causing Syo to widen his eyes a bit.

"Thats cool!" He exclaimed, Megumi giggling softly. She shrugged and turnd her atenction back to her teacher. After class, Kai had dragged her into the dinning hall. Megumi was able to wriggle out of her grip again, getting lost in the crowd. Not paying attention, she lightly bump into someone's back.

"I-Im sorry'' she said softly,looking up to meet another pair of blue eyes. He smiled kindly.

"No worries Little Kitten." He said smoothly. Megumi tilted her head a bit Little Kitten? she thought . His voice broke her thoughts.

"I am Ren Jinjuuji. And you are?" He asked, Megumi answering rather quietly.

"I-im Megumi Sakura. Its n-nice to meet you" She answered with a soft smile. Ren smiled rather cheekily back. He bowed his head lightly.

"Its nice to meet you Megumi. Now if you will excuse me Little Kitten" He almost purred, walking away, leaving Megumi frazzled. She shook it off and eventually found Kai sitting with two other girls, Syo, Ren, and a few other boys she did not yet know. Kai must of saw her from the corner of her eye because she leaped up and ran over to her friend. Megumi smiled sheepishly as her fried hugged her tightly.

"Where did you go? I thought i lost you!" Kai whined, Megumi giggling. Kai grabbed Megumi's wrist and pulled her towards the table. Knowing that she would not win, Megumi followed willingly. Kai cleared her throat, all eyes on Kai. Megumi was hiding behind Kai. Kai sighed as tugged her out from behind herself, Megumi looking down. Kai smiled and began to speak.

"Remember how i told you guys about a new student that was my best friend?" Kai asked, All of them nodding. She continued.

"Well! This is her! She hates talking to larger groups of people so ill talk for her! This is Megumi Sakura. She is in S Class with Syo, Tokiya, and I. She is here to be both an Idol and a Composer." Kai explained, causing everyone to widen their eyes a bit, except Syo who already knew. The petite girl with short pink hair and green eyes spoke up first.

"Its nice to meet you Umi-chan. Im Haruka Nanami." she said with a sweet smile.Her other friend, with a lighter red hair color, stood up and beamed happily.

"Hello Umi-chan! Im Tomochika Shibuya" she said happily, hugging Megumi lightly.Megumi smiled softly back and dipped her head.

"I-Its nice t-to meet you Haru-chan and T-Tomo-chan" She said quietly. The other blonde one stood up and leaped onto Megumi, making her squeak in surprise. The boy hugged her tightly and smiled.

"Your so cute Umi-chan" He giggled, Megumi looking into his green eyes. He smiled brightly at her  before Syo tore him away from her.

"Sorry about Natsuki. He can get carried away" Syo explained, Megumi nodding but smiling softly.

"I-Its ok Syo-chan. Kai-chan does t-that all the time so what Natsu-chan does doesn't b-bother me really" She explained quietly. The boy with red hair smiled brightly and chuckled.

"Wow! Your just like Syo except he can't stand it. Oh! Im Otoya Ittoki by the way" He said happily, Reddish eyes filled with happiness. Megumi smiled back and nodded.

"Its nice to m-meet you Oto-chan" she said softly, causing him the rub his neck while blushing lightly. Next, the bluenette looked up at her and sighed.

" Im Masato Hijirikawa" He said in a monotone voice, kinda like he didn't care. Megumi shrunk back a bit but answered him.

" I-Its nice to meet y-you Masa-Chan" She said softly but still smiled. Everyone smiled, or at least looked at her happily. She smiled a bit wider, thinking Wow mom! I have so many friends! I'm glad. I hope your proud of me. Looking at everyone, she closed her eyes and smiled. She enjoyed the moment. The feeling of being wanted.



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