Twice As Hard...

This story is about two girls that just happen to be sisters. They have a big family, and that causes problems. These girls are each others best friends and each others' rock. They love each other, and, no matter how tough life gets, these girls are always there for each other.
What will happen, when these girls, are working, and a few boys just happen to turn everything upside down? These boys will either make their lives worse, or better. What will happen, when these girls, fall and the boys are there to catch them? Will they be trusted? Or, will they let the girls fall?
Find out in Louise and Una's adventures. You will be laughing with them, you will be crying with them, but, most importantly, you will be living their lives with them. Watching as their lives crumble around them, and watch, as a few boys come into the picture.
Can you guess who these boys are? Yes, you guessed it! One Direction! But will their money be enough for the sisters, that, have spent their life wanting it?


4. Louise getting ready

I got dressed into a black skirt with red roses on it. I also put on on a white t-shirt with a black design on. I had on my favourite red velvet heels. I kept my hair down with a piece twisted back. I entwined a mini red rose in my hair as well.

Una looked amazing with crop top with a cross on it, high waisted shorts and docs. She had her hair in a simple pony.I guess you can tell that I am more girly than Una, even though she wears makeup and I don't...

"So, I guess we better get to the news agents," I groaned.

"Yeah...." Una replied.

I really don't want to do this, but at least then I can get more nail polish. We walked downstairs.

"Mum, we're going to work now!" I called.

"Hurry home when your finished!" she warned.

"Can't promise anything!" Una replied.

I snickered and we ran out of the door before mum could give out to us. We walked all of the way to the news agents. Mr.Peters was waiting for us, looking at his watch, "hmmmmm, just on time, you were nearly late!" 

"Well sorry! We were doing some stuff!" I apologised, sweetly.

He softened at that, "Oh it's ok darling, anyway, I trust you know how to run the shop? If you do I will leave the shop in your hands' today." 

He walked out and Una turned to me, "I love how sweet you can pretend to be! If it wasn't for you, we would of already been fired!"

I smiled and we got to work.


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