Twice As Hard...

This story is about two girls that just happen to be sisters. They have a big family, and that causes problems. These girls are each others best friends and each others' rock. They love each other, and, no matter how tough life gets, these girls are always there for each other.
What will happen, when these girls, are working, and a few boys just happen to turn everything upside down? These boys will either make their lives worse, or better. What will happen, when these girls, fall and the boys are there to catch them? Will they be trusted? Or, will they let the girls fall?
Find out in Louise and Una's adventures. You will be laughing with them, you will be crying with them, but, most importantly, you will be living their lives with them. Watching as their lives crumble around them, and watch, as a few boys come into the picture.
Can you guess who these boys are? Yes, you guessed it! One Direction! But will their money be enough for the sisters, that, have spent their life wanting it?


1. Una's start

 Chapter 1

Una's POV.

I guess I have always been part of a big family , never listened and always shpouyed over to but inside I always had this bad temper which you never wanted to get on and i could snao at any moment even when im happy  well that's me una my name is una I have brown blonde dip-dyed hair , blyue eyes and dimples I have 12 members in my family including me but I guess I'm the closest to Louise its seemed like we would be twins we think alike and do alike but our style is very different and personality so I guess  were not "una Louise for goodness sake will you come downstairs " mum roared over the noise " yes mum " me and Louise moaned and walked down the stairs " how many times do I have to call you are you deaf " mum says angrily " well it's not my fault we live in a house full of huligans " I snap and Louise laughs " una don't you dare use that tone with me " mum hisses " now do you know Mr.peters newsagents around the corner " mum says looking at us we both nod " well he needs two new cashier ladies since his old ones left its 50 pounds a day " mum says and me and Louise look at each other and nod " great then you start tommoro after school for the whole week at four " mum says and rusehes out of the room to separate mike and tom from fighting of course earning this money would mean two different things for me and Louise Louise would want nail polishes and hair accessories while I would want make-up and Jerseys I know not. A good combination I'm kinda half tom boy half girly girl I just wonder what it would be like tommoro i just hope we don't get fired on the first day like last time .....

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