Summer Love

Dani Keeling just got over a massive depression and is seen as the class weirdo. She is assigned a summer assignment with the class Bad Bad Jeremy Anderson. They have some issues along the way... What will happen?


1. Last Day (Dani's Point Of View)

Could this day go by any slower? Im dying of boredom in here.. I just want to leave, get out. Get my summer started, You know? 

"Dani, Can you please take your headphones out? Just because it's the last day of school doesn't mean we're done learning," Says Mrs.Lee, My RELA teacher. (RELA stands for Reading English Language Arts.)

I take my headphones out and stare at here not answering her question. 

"Thank you, Ms.Dani. Now, Class, I'm going to assign you a summer project. It's a group project," Mrs.Lee says to the group.

The class groans and I join in on it. This is by far my least favorite class. It's full of a bunch of obnoxious, preppy kids who don't know how to work for a living or get anything done without getting off their lazy asses. But thats just my personal opinion. I start chewing on the bottom of my pencil toward my eraser, and I can still feel the staring. It's like, an awkward stare.

"I will be picking your partners. Do not complain, or else I will give you more work."

I don't want to hear this, are you kidding me? So I slip my headphones back in hoping she didn't notice me and I pay close attention to the lyrics. I have What Now By Rihanna  blaring my headphones and I'm singing it to my self hoping I'm not being too loud. This was my sisters favorite song... But I don't want to get into that right now. 

I hear Mrs.Lee say loudly

"Alright you guys, Stand by your partner." 

I can feel the staring closer now, so i turn around and it's him. 

"What the hell do you want, Dude?" I yell at Jeremy. 

"Dang Dani, That was a little informal for a hello to your Partner," He does that stupid smirk that he does to every other female in the school, maybe in the whole town. 

"Ugh, Can you not."

"Can I not what? I haven't done anything Dani."

"You're an asshole, You are always doing something." I'm shouting now and he's giving me a look telling me that Two Can Play THIS Game. 

"Oh, Really? Is it your time of the month again? Because the PMS is showing." He's grinning now.

I groan loudly and walk out of the room glaring at Mrs.Lee. She knew that this was a bad team up. The weird kid and the town bad boy, are you kidding? Is she trying to start a circus? There is no way this is going to work out. I feel something grab my arm and i scream loudly.

"What the HELL, dude!?"

"Is dude your noun of the day?" Jeremy's eyebrows are furrowed a bit and he's looking at me weirdly. 

"Can you just leave me alone? Please?"

He lets go and I turn around and walk to the doors of the school and out to student parking, unlocking my car as I go. I lean against the driver side door and whisper "God, Why me?"

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