Never Ending Love♥

This is a story about a girl, Casey Smith, her parents leave her to go on life by herself, when she goes for a audition for x-factor, will she meet her long lost best friend, will they get together or never see each other again,will his friends get in the way,what happens when she finds out he is world famous boyband?read to find out!


1. Introduction

Hey,my name is Casey, Casey Smith, I am 18, my birthday is 28th April 1996, my eyes are all sorts of colours, they are mostly blue and green though. I have dirty blonde wavy hair that hovers of the top of my bum(lol I said bum! Immature I know,) I love to dance,sing and my favourite sport has to be football, I don't have any friends, well because I left school to care for my 3 year old sister and myself, her name is Sian, she is bubbly and best part is she is easy to care for, my parents are always out drinking and they only come home on a late Monday night, that is so they can abuse me. They are always drunk when this happens. I have self harmed many times a, this wasn't my choice they made me do it! But I thought I should change all this by auditioning for X-factor! I always hoped I could find my long lost best friend, I lost him when we moved from Mullingar to Liverpool, I don't know whether you know him? Niall Horan, probably not, so this is my story.


An/I know this annoying thing, sworyyy, anyway, hope you enjoying it already, probably not, I will probably post every day if not, every two days, enjoy the story. 

This is my first one, don't judge!

Love yah my lovelies Xxx

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