Falling for your eyes.

I hate him... I hate everything about him. But I love him. Eurgg why does this have to happen to me?


1. First Day Back To School♡



Ella's POV:

"Ella come on it's time to get up!"

I heard louis call. I groaned and shoved a pillow over my head trying to block out his disturbing voice. "Ella!" He laughed jumping on my bed tiggling me. "Ok ok I'm up!" I laughed kicking him off my bed.

Yes my brother was Louis Tomlinson from one direction. Did I care? No! He's just a ordinary annoying twin brother,with really fit friends. Lou was a really nice brother,but he was way to protective of me. He didn't mind me hanging around with his mates because they were my mates to. But the only thing he would ever hate is if I was to go out with one of them... But everything he does pulls me in... What do I do!

I rubbed my eyes waking myself up. I got up and got into the shower. I washed my body and hair. I brushed my teeth and blow dried my hair,like I do every morning. 'What to wear' I thought to myself. I settled for,dark denim high wasted skinny jeans,a white flow top and a pair of converses. I brushed through my hair and turned the curling wand on. Leaving it to heat up. I curled my hair and did my make up.

"Come on Ella,Niall and Sophie are here!" Lou called from down stairs. I got my bag and went down. "Ready" I laughed running out the door. "Niall!" I yelled running up to him and hugging him. He picked me up and spun me around. "I've missed you" he smiled. "And I've missed you!" I laughed. He put me down and I ran up to his little sister Sophie,she was in the year below us. "Hi soph" I smiled. "Hey!" She yelled hugging me. We all jumped in Niall's car. "Seatbelt's" he laughed. And off we went.

We pulled up out side school and I instantly jumped out the car. "I'll see you guys later" I smiled. "Wait where are you-" louis called after me. "Love you Lou" I yelled back to him. I saw Zayn walking into school. "Zayn!" I yelled startling him. He spun around. "Ella!" He yelled running up to me then picking me up and spinning me round,just like Niall did.

We waited up for louis and Niall and all walked in together. "Sophia!" I smiled walking up to her and hugging her. Sophia was my best friend. She was like my sister! "Lola!" I smiled. She ran over to me and Sophia and hugged us. "Hey!" She laughed. "Where's Liam?" I asked confused. "Found him" Lola laughed and pointed to Liam. He was standing with louis but I didn't care! Liam was my best friend and boyfriend. I loved him more than anything in the whole world.

"Liam!" Daisy yelled. "Disgusting" Sophia said through her teeth. Daisy was known as the boyfriend stealer,she was on the prettiest girl in school,not the most popular,but that's only because of her reputation. She stills girls boyfriends and she wasn't going to steal mine.

"Oh hi daisy" Liam said kissing her on the cheek and hugging her in welcome. "Liam" I called. Him,Louis,Zayn,Niall and daisy all looked back at me. Liam pushed before running up to me. I ran up to him and jumped into his arms. He picked me up and put his hands under my bum while I wrapped my legs around him. I put my hands around his neck. He kissed me slowly and passionately. I looked over at daisy,she looked disgusted. "Ok,Ok,touchy times over" louis laughed ripping me off Liam. "I love you" he whispered kissing my head. "I like you too" I laughed kissing his cheek.

The bell went. We went to our form rooms. Liam,Sophia,Lola and Niall where in my form as well as others that I didn't really speak to,like... Stan,Zak,Dylan,Katy,Miley,Rae,Beth and Harry. The new kid. He was apart of 'OneDirection' but I had never met him. We got our new time tables.

"Niall pass me your quick..." I smiled. He handed me his sheet of paper and I studied it. "We have,art,drama,music,maths and P.E together" I smiled. "Get in" he laughed high fiving me.

"Sophia let me see yours" I smiled. She handed me her sheet of paper. "Looks like we're in every lesson together except English and maths!" I laughed. "I've got the same time table as Lola so were all in the same lessons! Except English." We all laughed.

"Li come here?" I smiled. He shook his head. "What's wrong?" I asked walking up to him. "Nothing" he put on a smile. "Out side now" I whispered to him. "No" he said giving me a confused look. "Fuck you then" I smiled before grabbing my bag and walking out of form. "Miss Tomlinson!" Mrs Jeffries called. "What?" I asked walking Steps back into the class room. "Can I sign your report? For this morning" she asked quite rudely actually. I rolled my eyes and threw her my report booklet. "1 what the fuck that's not fair" I screamed. "Inappropriate langue. Leave the class now" she yelled. "Happy to" I smiled skipping out the class room.

I walked to Louis and Zayn's form and knocked on the door. I walked in and grabbed louis. "Miss k. Can I borrow Lou for a sec?" I asked politely,tugging at his arm. "Kicked out already miss t?" She laughed. I rolled my eyes and nodded. She laughed. I dragged louis out side the door and crossed my arms.

"What? Why you looking at me like that?" He laughed trying to mimic my actions. "Whys Liam acting off?" I asked. He looked at me then all of a sudden his eyes grew wide. "I've got to go" he said trying run back in the room. I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. "Lou your meant to protect me! Now tell me!" I demanded. "I didn't tell you so you wouldn't get hurt!" He mumbled. "Louis" I shouted. "Liam cheated on you with some girl at summer camp" he sighed. "Ok." I bit my lip trying not to cry.

"Now why have you been kicked out already?" He laughed. I handed him my report booklet. "Ha,mums not gunna like this" he giggled. I hugged him good bye. "Remember to get your report!" I yelled. "Oh shit yeah! Hold on" louis yelled. I waited out side his form. The door was open so you could hear and see everyone. "Mr Tomlinson no swearing!" Miss k laughed. She was my favourite teacher. "Sorry miss" he mumbled. "I need to go get my report from mr jones" he added. "Okay tomo have fun" she laughed.

Mr jones was our head teacher,he wasn't horrible,he was actually really nice. Me and louis were the only ones on report in our year. To be honest we are only on report because we swear a lot and shout in class when we get angry,but that was pretty much it.

"Louis. Your report you forgot to get it from me this morning" me jones stated. "Yeah that's actually why I'm here" louis smirked. "Miss Tomlinson may I see your report" he asked hold out his hand. "Err I don't think you want to" I laughed. Louis smirked. "Ella." He called. I got out my report and gave it to him. "Ella. Day one and were not even in the first half hour and you've already got a hours detention" he laughed. "Miss just pisses me off so much though sir" I stated rolling my eyes. "Langue." He said. "Sorry just slipped out!" I smiled putting my report back in my bag.

"What have you got first?" Louis asked. "Erm English,you?" I asked. "Maths" he rolled his eyes. I laughed and hugged him goodbye before walking up to English.

The bell rung. I walked in and sat down where miss blows told me to sit. I sat right at the back of the class room. There was two people at a table so I suspected I wouldn't be alone. "Mr styles. Your at the back next to miss Tomlinson" miss blows said pointing at me. I stood up. "Miss here's my report. Catch" I said throwing to her. Everyone laughed but surprisingly she caught it. "Yes miss b!" I smiled sitting back down.

"I like your style." I heard a voice whisper in my ear,his lips skimmed my cheek,my tummy twisted and turns into knots. I rolled my eyes and watched the front again. He kept looking at me and smirking. "What's your fucking problem you creep" I said looking confused. "Ella out!" Miss yelled pointing at the door. "Oh look the second time you've been sent out for swearing this morning" she yelled. I rolled my eyes and walked outside. The door was still open so I could still see in. The boy I knew as 'mr styles' I guessed was 'harry'. He kept smirking at me. I rolled my eyes and stood by the door frame. "Miss Tomlinson out." Miss blows said calmly. "Sorry I wanted to- never mind" I yelled. "Niall!" I yelled. "Miss Tomlinson in." Miss blows shouted knowing what I was up to. "Make up your fucking mind!" I yelled. She rolled her eyes and ignored me.

"You alright?" He asked hugging me. I stood at the door frame pulling Niall with me. "If you make that fucking creep stop staining at me I will be!" I spat through my teeth. "Hazza! Ma man" he yelled walking through the class hugging him. "Me Horan that's enough get out!" Miss screamed. "Hold your horses" Niall muttered. I laughed. "Why did you get sent out your class?" I laughed. "Swearing and shouting you?" He laughed. "Same" I smiled. "Horan get here before I get mr baker and have you permanently excluded!" A teacher who I don't know called. "Got to go see you later babe." He laughed kissing my cheek then running off.

Mr baker was out behaviour policy leader,he decided who stays and who goes. He also decides who's on report and who's not and who gets put in reflection and who doesn't. He was a scary teacher. That's why me,Louis and Niall all get our reports signed by the head as he's much nicer.

I walked in and sat back down. "Are you going out with Horan?" Harry asked rubbing my thigh. "No I ain't" I said removing his hand away from me. He starred at me for the rest of the lesson. The bell finally rung. "Thank fuck!" I smiled. I grabbed my report from miss and walked to my next lesson. "Drama" I yelled running towards Niall. "We've got drama" I smiled at Niall.

Me and Niall walked down to drama and sat on the stage next to Lola and Sophia and uh oh. Harry fucking styles what is he doing here. "As you lot know we're doing a prediction! Called "Nancy" I have already got the rolls jotted down. Harry you included.

Nancy : Ella : main character. The story about a girl (me) who self harms,she meets a boy along the way who helps her get through her pain. She falls in love with the boy,but she also falls in love with his best friend what does she do?...

Jakob : Harry : main character. A badass who knows how to charm any girl any time he likes. But will he get Nancy? Will she end up being with him or he's bestfriend?

Edward : Niall : helps a girl who self harms get over her pain and stop. He falls in love with this girl but will she feel the same back?

Stacy : Sophia : the girl who bullies nancy,to the point she's laying on a train track waiting to die. Who saves her. What will stacy(me) do about it?

Kelly : Lola : Nancy's mum who beats her to death. Every day for no reason. Why happens when Edward finds out?

Miss smith listed out more names. I read through the script. "Wait I have to kiss this arse hole?" I yelled pointing at harry. "Language" miss smith yelled. " oh and before I forget report!" She held her hand out. I placed it in her hand and turned around giving harry a disgusted look.

"Did you know abut Liam" I asked Niall. "Mmm" he nodded slowly. "Don't worry I'm not mad... At you anyway" I hugged him reassuring him that our friendship was ok. "Good" he laughed. "Horan report!" miss yelled. He put his booklet on her desk and came and sat back down.

"What are you going to do?" Niall whispered to me. "Dump him obviously." I laughed. "You seem happy." He laughed. "Mmm... I'll give him a chance to admit if he doesn't were through if he does were through simple!" I smiled. My iPhone rang in my pocket. I smile "ohhhhh gotta take this" I smiled.



"Erm hey lou why you ringing me in class?"

"Dunno got bored"


"Wanna skive? I'll bring my boys your bring yours?"

"Yeah alright I'll need to get sent out first"

"Ok meet at the field in five"


"See ya"

"Bye fucktard"

I hung up and grabbed mine and Nialls reports of miss's desk. You coming or what I looked at everyone. They all nodded. We ran out the doors and into the back field. "Lou,zayn" I smiled. "Can we talk?" Liam asked. "No" I smiled. "Why?" He asked. "Because when I wanted to talk you said no. You can't talk to me when it only suites you." I smiled and sat down.

"Ella I'm sorry" he frowned. "So you should be" I said sitting on Nialls Lap. "Oh and if it wasn't obvious were over. You cheated on me and didn't even have the decency to tell me!" I screamed. "You disgust me" I spat through my teeth. "I'm sorry it was a mistake!" He yelled. "What ever. You did it and lied" I smiled and turned to speak to harry and zayn.

The bell rung. It was lunch time. We where all laughing and talking walking to a table in the courtyard. We sat down and carried on talking. Liam went and sat on Daisy's table with Kyle. I've got to admit I was jealous of daisy right now. Just then Liam whispered something in her ear,obviously I couldn't hear what he said but she giggled and leaned forward into him. The kissed passionately.

I felt a tear fall down my face. "El ignore him!" Louis yelled pointing at Liam. Liam now pulled away and ran over. "el it's not what you think! I didn't see you there!" He yelled. "So it was meant to be behind my back,how can it not be what I think I just fucking saw it!" I screamed. Getting up. "El don't go" harry called after me. I stormed off not listening.

Harry's POV:

"I thought Ella was tough" I mumbled. "She is" Sophia whispered. "She has a sensitive side when it comes to boys" she added. I nodded and stood up. "I'm going to go find Ella I'll be back in a sec" I waved the lads and ladies goodbye.

I saw a girl sitting on the field picking Daisy's. I'm guessing it was Ella. "El?" I called. She looked at me,then looked away. I sat beside her and pulled her into my chest. "It's ok" I whispered rubbing her arm. Another tear rushed down her face. I whipped it with my thumb. "No more tears" I smiled. She looked at me then at the ground. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Even when she was crying she was so beautiful. I leaned in slowly. "Harry what are you-" she mumbled. I cut her off. "Just let me try something?" I questioned. But not willing to wait for a answer. I slammed my lips on hers.

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