The Nerd And The Football Player


1. Chapter One

Louis William Tomlinson.

A young boy that attends 'Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School', Louis is 1.75 meters (5ft 9) tall and has brown hair and sea blue eyes. All his life Louis has been bullied, bullied for knowing everything and anything - Being a nerd. Bullied for liking guys - Bullied for being gay. 

Harry Edward Styles.

Another young boy that attends 'Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School', who is 1.80 meters (5ft 10) tall and has a brown mop that he calls hair as long as light green eyes that sparkle in the sun. All Harry's life he's been popular - popular for being the school's team football player and being popular because his family it as rich as anything! As well as being popular for like girls - Being straight, or so that's what people thought...


*Eight Years Ago*

'Go on Harry! You can do it!' The six year old Louis Tomlinson yelled to his best friend who was playing football - For the first time ever. Harry looked over at Louis and smiled before running towards the goal, dribbling the ball in between his feet. Harry made his way closer to the goal and Louis' yells got louder and louder, 'Go on Harry! Kick it!' Louis yelled, 'Just how I showed you - Score!' Harry ran to the goal and kicked the ball as hard as he could - Closing his eyes as he did so.

A few seconds later he opened his eyes after hearing Louis scream, 'You did it Harry!' Louis ran up to Harry and engulfed him in a hug. 'You did it!' Louis screamed again,

'I know but I wouldn't have been able to do it with you - You're my good luck charm and my coach!' Louis smiled, yes - Louis William Tomlinson had taught Harry Edward Styles how to play football. 'Are you sure you're OK with me doing this? I mean I know how much the meant to you.' Harry asked, Louis nodded,

'Yeah - I mean no one likes me anyway.' Harry patted Louis' back,

'Don't worry Louis, you'll always have me.' Harry assured him, Louis smiled,

'Promise?' He asked, Harry nodded and took out his pinkey.

'Pinkey promise.' Harry said and shook Louis' small finger....

*Present day.*

Louis woke up with a start, 

'You promised...' He whispered just before his alarm started going off. Louis turned the annoying thing off before he walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He stepped into the warmth of the water and washed himself. When he finished he reached for his towel only to find out that he had forgotten it! Louis sighed - Already annoyed with the day and stepped out of the shower. He looked around but not one towel was in sight - Luckily his room was only across the hall but that meant having to walk out of the bathroom, naked, and not let his mother or sisters see him! Louis opened the door slowly and looked around before making a run into his room - He shut the door behind him got out his school clothes that consisted of - Black trousers, black sock, black shoes, white shirt, tie, blazer and a stupid I.D badge that no one saw the point of.

Louis ran down the stairs and grabbed an apple, 

'Bye mum!' Louis yelled, before his mother - Johanna - could reply he ran out the door - Slamming it shut. Louis slowed down to a walk and sighed, he was looking down at the floor and mumbling a few words about Harry and him along the way. 'Why did you leave me?' He mumbled to himself, 'You promised me that you'd....'

'Hey faggot!' A kid yelled, Louis looked up from the floor and his eyes fell on a tall blonde haired, blue eyed female that went by the name of Laura Hing and Harry Styles' girlfriend. 

'Go away, Laura.' Louis mumbled and walked past her, 

'Wanna fuck me?!' Laura yelled, 'Oh no, sorry, you only fuck guys - Don't you!' Tears threatened to spill out of Louis' eyes but he kept them in - Creating some kind of hurting in his throat.

'Go away.' Louis said - It coming out as a whimper,  

'Aww.... Is little Tomlinson gonna cry?' She teased, Louis ignored her teasing and speed walked off, 'Oi - Tomlin...'

'Leave him, babe.' Harry's British accent told her, 'He's not worth our time...' Louis couldn't hold his tears in any longer and they started to fall. Louis got to school and walked straight into the cubicles. He locked a cubical door and let the tears flow, five minutes past and Louis finally felt better as he was about to unlock the cubical door someone walked into the bathroom so he kept it locked. 

'Harry, I heard you told Laura to leave Tommo alone - Why?' Someone asked, Louis froze - Knowing that his crush was only a few meters away from him. 

'He's not worth it...' The words stung Louis,

'And...?' The other person asked,

'And, what?' 

'Harry there's something else - Isn't there.' Harry sighed, annoyed, 

'And, he's not that bad.' Louis smiled as Harry spoke, 

'Not that bad?! Harry, he's gay! The little faggot!' 

'So... He's gay - What's the deal? People are gay, so what?' The other guy shook his head,

'Jesus, Harry... Wait... You... You don't like him do you?' 

'What?! No!' Harry yelled, 'Don't even say that!' 

'Good. Now lets go,' Louis heard muffled voices before the door opened and shut again. Louis let out a breath that he was holding in and slowly opened the door to see Harry Edward Styles standing there - looking at him. Louis bit his lip,

'Louis?' Harry asked - a smirk forming his lips,

'H... Harry.' Louis stuttered....

 *Eleven years ago*

'Mummy, people don't like me...' Louis told his mother,

'Well try and make friends with this new kid - OK, baby?' 

'Ok, mum.' Louis' little child like voice said. Johanna dropped her child off at kinder garden before leaving Louis. 

Louis sighed and walked in, 

'Hey smarty!' One kid yelled, Louis looked up,

'I am smarter than you, live with it!' Louis snapped, the four year old looked at Louis - confused. Not fully registering what Louis meant, Louis sighed, 'Whatever,' he mumbled.

Half an hour past and Louis sat in a chair coloring in - Carefully and neatly. He was approached by a young boy who had brown hair and green eyes. 

'Hello?' He mumbled, Louis' eyes shot up to the little kid, 

'H...H... Hi...' Louis stuttered, the little boy smirked, 

'My names Harry...' Louis swallowed,

'D... Don't hurt me....' Louis asked, Harry looked at Louis - Confused. 

'I'm not going to, whats your name?' Harry asked,

'L... Louis?'

'L... Louis?' Harry asked, Louis laughed, Harry joining in,


'Hello, Louis. I'm Harry Styles.'

'H... Harry.' Louis stuttered. Harry smiled and nodded.

And from that day they promised to be best friends forever.

*Present Day*

Harry and Louis looked at each other, Harry's smirk still playing on his lips and Louis feeling as scared as shit....


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