Meet Hannah Corner and Linda Green, the two most opposite girls you will ever meet. Each one of them has a different appearance, not to talk about their personality. It's difficult to say which girl is more jealous at the other. Will they be best friends, or maybe enemies?


1. Hannah

I walked into my new High School, George Washington High School. It was my first day, or actually, everyone's first day. We all just finished 10th grade. I was extremely lucky to be accepted to this school, since only the smartest and cleverest students have the option to try to get here. So I guess I'm really smart and clever. I met my old friends Emily and Drake there. We were really excited. We went outside, where there was a very big yard, with a stage on it. On the stage, stood a woman with long gray hair that was braided down her back. She was really thin and tall, especially with her high heels. "Good morning to you all dear students. To the new, and to the old, to the boys, and to the girls, to the students, and to all our teachers" she said. "To the new students, we are very pleased to welcome you to George Washington High School" there was a lot of applause. "We hope you'll enjoy your time here, and that you won't think that left all your friends behind and you worked so hard to be accepted here in vein". "The older students may go to their classes, where they will meet their home room teachers, while the new students will wait here". Students started going into the school. When they were all gone. The woman started talking again "My name is Mrs. Loom and I'm the principal of this school. Now, I'll read the list of the students in each class. When I finish reading, I want you to follow your teacher into your home room class. I'm warning you now students. In this school, we want you to meet new friends, so most likely you wouldn't have a single friend from your old school in your class". She put on a pair of glasses and started reading from a piece of paper. "There are three 10th grade classes this year. First, Mr. Baron's class". She started reading the names of students who were to learn with Mr. Baron. I didn't really listen until she go to "Drake Corn". She read a few more names, before she finished, and told the students the directions to how to get to there hometown class. She started reading the students who were in Mrs. Dale's class. She read a few names before she called my name: Hannah Corner. When she finished, she told us that to get to our home room class, we need to go strait ahead in the hall, and go into the class that on its door has the number 105. I started walking and then I glanced toward my friend Emily, who was supposedly in the last teacher's class, Mrs. Trace.

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