Love is you


1. Familiar stranger

Chapter 1 :

Let me start by introducing myself, I am Kylie Anne James, 20 yrs. old, I work at Starbucks for 10 hrs. every friggin day. I live with my best friend in a small apartment in London.

" Wake up lazy ass " , said my best friend, Jessica or Jess , sitting next to me on my bed. " Get out of my room " , I mumbled into the pillow. " FINE, but get dressed or you' ll be late to work " , she groaned.

After I got dressed, I looked in the mirror, I was wearing a white sweater and blue skinny jeans. No matter what I wore I looked ugly, at least that was what I was told by..... Nevermind. I headed downstairs and saw Jess watching TV " Good morning " , I said walking towards the kitchen. I grabbed a banana quickly ate and went out the door towards my car.

* skip car ride *

I went inside Starbucks and put on my cap and apron, put on a smile waiting behind the cashier for the first customer. A man with a beanie and sunglasses came up to me, " Good morning welcome to Starbucks how may I help you? " I asked. " hello can I have a cappuccino? " he said . That accent .... It seems so familiar." Sure anything else? " I asked with a smile. " No, thank you", he replied with a smile. I got his order and waited for the next customer.

The rest of the day went by well and all day I thought about that man ...... He looked so familiar. His smile reminded me of someone.

It's like I knew him from my childhood.


We were at the park on the swings "AAAAHHHHHH LOUIS DONT PUSH ME SO HIGH !!!!!!!!!!"

"HAHAHAHAHAHA is little Kylie scared of falling?", he said laughing.



A/N: my first time writing a book so I hope you like it😃😃😃

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