How to Get Popular on Movellas

This is actually true, I know how to, this is my second account, my other account: Erica Bluewater was popular, winning a few competitions and getting 1000's of views on my movellas from time to time. So yeah, here is how I previously got popular.


1. Getting Noticed

Something that I have noticed about Movellas is that it has a few similarities with YouTube. To start, it doesn't matter if the quality of the Movella is good, it isn't automatically going to popular. Not to mention any but personally I think some Movellas that have become popular aren't that high on quality of writing or original content. Unless you're lucky enough for a member with a lot of fans favourites it or recommends it. But like I said, that most likely won't happen. You need to get the cover out there, the title should be at the back of people's minds when they see it they're like 'Hey! I've heard of that, I'll have a quick look!' You're getting there. But it isn't really easy getting your Movella out there. I recommend reading other people's Movellas, give them feedback and ask (nicely!) if they'd give yours a look. Most members oblige and do read yours. This is a good process but it does require a lot of commitment. A nice way of getting your name out there is to become a friend with a Movellian/Member that has a few fans and co-author a book together. This way their fans sees the Movella you've written and might become interested in your writing and could possibly become a fan to be notified of your future writing. Another good way to enter a competition, people read Movellas in them to see the competition they have or to just be curious. But entering them does give you a little boost. There is a lot more to just them clicking on your Movella, you've got to draw them into reading it. which I shall outline in the future chapters to be published.

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