Bad things come in three's

My mum always said that bad things come in three's, and that couldn't have been more true on my first day at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. You may think that the bad things were missing the bus, arriving late and then getting a detention, but trust me, what I got was worse. I got stuck with Marcel, Harry and Edward- The Styles triplets. My worst luck


2. Edward

I stood in the corridor just outside the classroom, waiting to be let in. A group of other sixth farmers waited with me and I got talking. The conversations weren't anything like the one I had with Marcel. Suddenly, I was barged into by this guy wearing a tight white t-shirt with his arms flu to the brim with tattoo's. I made a mental note not to interact with him, although the bad boy look was very appealing.


"Don't mind him, he's Edward" Said one of the girls, Sarah I think... no it's Zara.


I walked into the room and everyone sat down, not thinking to leave a seat for me while I introduced myself to the teacher.

"Okay, sit down Teagan." He said. I scanned the room looking for a free seat. There was one left, knowing my luck, it was next to Edward.

I sat down cautiously. I could feel him undressing me with his eyes. I moved so that I was on the far edge of the table. I don't want anything to do with him!


"So, new girl, when did you move to Holmes Chapel?" He asked. I ignored him. I'm here to study not talk to guys, however attractive they may be.


"New girl, I'm talking to you!" He said, raising his voice slightly."It's rude to ignore people"


"It's Teagan, not 'new girl'!" I hissed "I'm trying to work, like you should be doing as well!"


"Teagan's to boring! I'll call you good girl, I love nicknames." He said, removing his sunglasses to reveal the most piercing green eyes I could easily get lost in. "I'm Edward."


"I know who you are so leave me alone!"


"Oh I do love my girls feisty." He said huskily, giving me a cheeky grin.\


"Well I'm not your girl so keep on dreaming!" I said, turning away from him. We didn't speak for the rest of the class, although I could feel his gaze on me every second, burring into me, making me feel self conscious.


Finally the bell went and I rushed to my locked. I grabbed my dance kit and headed for the studio's. I needed some time alone. 

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