Hi.i'm lilac.lilac Irwin.Im 17,a year younger then my brother Ashton.I am different.I have 1 blue eye and the other one is blue that has the bottom left just half brown and a little green.Not a mixture,just there(like cover).Im the schools nerd.I have never once looked up from anything ,and if I do I where sunglasses.I hate my eyes people won't like them;no one knows I'm Ashton's sister,and only he knows about my eyes.I don't want anyone at school knowing I'm Ashton's sister because he and his friends that have never seen me with Ashton before are popular,and I don't want him to be embarrassed of me.Im very different,and I don't like it.So here you have all my horrible life with a odd name weird eyes cool brother bully's a nerd love hate and embarrassment,so read on!


1. just the beginning

Lilacs POV

Hi.Im lilac irwin.Im 17 and I have a big brother Ashton who is over protective of me.No one knows I'm Ashton's sister,I told him not to tell because I'm different.He is the most popular guy in school and I'm the biggest nerd.No one knows except for Ashton about my eyes.No one will see them because I wear sunglasses everyday.I have 0 friends except for Ashton of course.Today is Wednesday and I hate this day the most;gym.you guys are probably thinking I'm lazy but I'm not.I actually love gym!but Wednesday is running day and I have to put short shorts on and a sports bra;I still wear my sun glasses though.Ashton is in all of my classes so in gym he runs with his friends while I go behind them where they don't notice except for Ashton.he rather me be where he can see me,over protective.I got up and took a quick shower and got dressed in black high waisted skinny jeans and a plaid shirt that I tuck in and wear a black tie.I put my hair in a high pony tail and put on sunglasses with a little itty bit of makeup.I HATE make up but I still wear small amounts of it though.When I walked out of the room I hadn't notice Ashton's alarm should go off in a hour;I think he smells bad in the mornings,but he takes showers after school.So I'm going to wake him and make him get in the shower.He would do anything for me if I do my puppy dog face.i started walking to his room in our flat we share.Me and Ashton moved out last year,we moved to the same school just different place.When I got to Ashton's door I knocked lightly and there was no answer.So I silently walked in and he was asleep.So I tip toed over to him and whispered in his ear

"Big broder?"

"Hmmmmm"he groaned.

"Are you going to take a shower?"

"Mm-mm"signaling no

"But please?????"

He looked up at me and I pulled my puppy dog face and he said

"I love your eyes there unique"

"I hate them"

"Hmmmm they're beautiful just like my beautiful baby sister"

"K"I blushed.

"I'm going to take my shower"he mumbled

"Great love ya good choice"he then left and went to take a shower.

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