Don't Let Me Go ( Harry Styles)


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I searched the club trying to find her but so far I was out of luck. Finally I saw her strawberry locks. I pushed my way through drunks grinding on each other & as I finally reached her I already knew that she was drunk just like everybody here. She was just about to grab her maybe 5th drink when I grabbed her hand, taking the drink away. "What the hell!?" She yelled, turning around to see my angry & frustrated face. "Oh it's just you" now a few weeks ago my heart would sink hearing her talk to me like that but I've gotten use to it by now. "What is it with you & stalking me? I mean I told you a million times to leave me the fuck alone but you just won't listen will yeah? Are you really that desperate?" She yanked the drink out of my hand after finishing her sentence, drinking it like it was a cup of water. "Do you enjoy being rude to people? Are you satisfied now?" I questioned her, truly wanting to know the answer myself. I studied her face, she frowned a bit but that frown went away just as fast as it came. She went back to drinking, acting as if I wasn't standing next to her. I grabbed her arm & started pushing people out of my way, wanting to get the hell out of this place. "Let go of me! I said let go you bastard!" She was trying to get out of my hold but I just grabbed her tighter & ignored the colourful words she was yelling at me.

Finally I could now see my car. She was now hitting me but I still didn't let go of her arm, dragging us both to the car. I felt teeth on my hand & then pain shot through my body. "Arghh" I yelled pulling my hand away. I looked at her to see that oh so famous smirk on her face, making me angrier. She turned around & was about to walk back to the club, when I grabbed her & slammed her body to against my car. She winced a little as her body made contact with the car. She started hitting me again trying to get out of my hold. I pushed my body into hers making it impossible for her to move. For a few seconds all that could be heard was our heavy breathing. "I hate you" she whispered. I sighed leaning my forehead against hers. "But I love you"


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