The Infiltrator

Since she was just a little girl, Cara has always been different. She's very different. Cara can do many things she didn't know she was capable of. She has always been incredibly intelligent, a gifted writer from birth, and chess master. Cara has won many awards for advanced mathematics, decathlons, and physics. She can trust her gut in many occasions since she's probably always right. But there's a small detail about her. She's not human. Cara is an alien. Yep, an alien, or in a more scientific term, extraterrestrial. When she starts noticing strange changes to her body, like bruises and purple spots, her "mother" must confess. Cara must return to her home planet, just as she has fallen in love with a human.


1. |Playlist|

The Infiltrator

The Infiltrator Playlist:

~ Shake it Out - Florence & the Machine

~ Cosmic Love - Florence & the Machine 

~ Yellow Submarine - The Beatles 


That's pretty much all I have for the playlist, so if ya'll have some song suggestions, please do tell me, and I'll add it to the playlist. :0

P.S. I'll have to add a meaning to why these songs contribute, since the three I've chosen haven't just been chosen randomly. I chose them really carefully. 

So I would love you forever if you could just press that pink 'Favorite' button, and that green 'Like' button also. Thanks so muchh xx :)


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