We belong.

A mortal comes to live an all normal life, then at the age of 16, she starts to change. She sees things others can't. Most of all she falls in love with an immortal.


1. Going crazy.

     Intro: My name is Avril, I am 16 years old, and I live in Pitts-field, Massachusetts. My best friend's name is Alice Renae Apple. She is also 16, and is my next door neighbor. We both go to Grecylock High-school.

The school year is almost over.

But, Avril is... changing...


Avril's pov;

     "Today is Friday... finally," I wrote in my diary. I've been waiting for this Friday for... weeks. This Friday, in approximately two hours, I get to go to the movies with my best friend, her boyfriend, and my crush! (Lucas Taylor).

"What should I wear?" I think to myself. "I don't really have anything special... But Alice might." I jump to excitement, Alice always had something... special.

I pick up my phone, even though she's next door, and text her, "Alice! I need something nice to wear!! Got anything??" Two minutes later I get a text that makes me run around with joy. "Yes! I got three outfits that are totally you!!! Come check 'em out!"

Alice can be preppy at times... but totally cool other times. Alice is a popular kid though...

I knock on her door, and to my surprise, here's Alice, all dressed up nice, with three STUNNING outfits in her hands, inviting me to come in. 

"Here!" Alice says, "Try them on!"

The first dress was... gorgeous. It was green, with cute little black buttons, and a cute little black bow it the top of the dress. But.. It simply just wasn't my style.

The next dress was... okay. It was bright pink, with a big black bow going around the waist. But I never really was a fan of pink.

The last dress was... perfect. It was all black, it had layers of black, it has the fabric swirl throughout the dress, it was perfect.

If you haven't noticed... i'm a fan of black.. To be honest, I've always had a dark side.


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