Through the dark


1. is it going to get better???

"I know I'm a loser"I cry to myself trying to. Fall asleep.

The next morning

Ugh school again,homework again and those three stuck up girls again-Lucy,Jennifer and the meanest of them all Stacy. I put on some Converses and a hollister shirt with a pair of skinny jeans. Oops excuse me I forgot to introduce myself my name is Gracie Martinez I go to Steinbriner Highschool I'm 17 years old going on to 18 going to college soon I can't wait to get away from my two annoying brothers Tommy and Joey. I have no sisters so I practilly grew up with stink. Anyways after I put on my cloths I put my hair in a messy bun and headed out the door and went to my black Jetta and Jamed to One Direction all the way to school. Right when I got to school I looked on Twitter to see any new post from OneDirection. There was a new post from One Direction it said Staying in Florida for a bit hope to see you. "Omg"I screamed but then the moment was ruined by a knock on my on my car window my best friend-Sammie I turned off my car and jumped out of my car. "Why were you pounding on my window"I say "because One direction is going to be performing at our school today at eight because there celebrating the last day of school""Ahhhhhhhhhhh I can't wait" I say "alright let's get to class"Sammie says.

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