The Deep Freeze

Kat starts the Hunger Games, but there is a catch. The Deep Freeze has come back and the game makers made it kill you in one, light touch. Getting all the good gear, Kat starts to feel cold. She ran into a cave, trying to find more arrows for her bow, only starting to feel colder. What happens to her?


1. Starting the Games

3... 2... 1...

"Let the Games Begin!" A deep voice announced and I felt blood rushing through my head. "Run and grab the stuff Kat it's not that hard.

I ran into the circle, grabbing a backpack and a sword. No bows yet, but there will be some.  

I climbed up a tree and looked around, people swerving left and right from the arrows raining down from what seemed like the sky, but it was not. It was a tribute trying to snipe the players down below. I ducked out of his site for what in seemed like an eternity when I heard a bird chirp. Looking up, I realized there had been more stuff delivered below me, and no one was around me. Climbing down the tree, I realized there was a bow and arrows. Finally. 

I heard the crisp, leaves crackling behind me.

I turned around and saw a figure coming towards me.

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