1. Prolouge

He grabbed my wrist and pushed me up against the brick wall.

"I've got you now." he whispers in my ear. "come on just this one time he'll never know." his cold voice sends chills down my body. "He" was taller than me with grey eyes or blue eyes, depending on the occasion, he had dirty blonde hair, and a muscular and strong body.

"Harry will get you for this." I say, my voice shaky.

"Harry isn't here right now, does it look like he's coming to save you huh, well he's not he doesn't love you if anything he would leave you. I'm just trying to help you but I guess you don't want it."

That broke my heart.

he's lying he's gotta love me.

could he be lying?

all of a sudden Harry comes flying around the corner of the alley.

"someone's late" Niall laughs, coldly. He looks straight at me but points a silver pistol at Harry. Harry puts his hands in the air, but the gun was shot.

"very late"

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